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    Paul Newman Dies of Cancer (83 years old)

    This is so sad....he is out of pain now, though. I feel horrible for Joanne and their children. God bless them and God rest Paul...he was one of the VERY best and they just don't make 'em like him anymore.
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    7 month old baby of celeb still has no name

    Agreed....and Marley is such a CUTE name! I'm the same way...both of my daughters have middle names (that they are called by) I wouldn't have chosen but my husband was adamant...they are pretty names but not my favorites, not what I wanted...and their first names are family names. Luckily I...
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    Enterprise, AL--High School destroyed by tornado, kids trapped

    I'm thinking about this again today. My daughter is a freshman in HS this year and in band, and her brand new band director came from Enterprise High School...was there when the tornado hit last year. Last night we traveled down to Enterprise to play them in football, and en route I called my...
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    Travis Barker Critically Injured in Deadly Plane Crash - 4 Dead, 2 Injured

    I'm an old fogey so I'm not sure who these people are, though I vaguely remember Adam dating Nicole Richie and I know of Blink-182, but my 15-yo daughter just woke up and is freaking out and praying for them, as am I. This is so very sad. :( Prayers for them, their families, and the families...
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    OH OH - Brian Shaffer, 27, Columbus, 1 April 2006 - #1

    How horrible. How much can one family take? :*(
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    Hurricane Ike and Topical Storm Hanna

    I really think this one is going in at Mobile, AL. I just have a feeling. I am so freaked b/c I work at a hospital and we are required to go in if it looks like it may come our way and stay in case we are needed to help with patients...I don't want to be away from my family if the weather is...
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    Oprah balks at Hosting Palin

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    Michael Moore releases new movie for Free!

    Oh, you're right. My apologies to the whales.
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    Michael Moore releases new movie for Free!

    People who like whale-watching.
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    Lucy and Desi's secret granddaughter?

    You be the judge...the photos of her mother, supposedly Lucy's and Desi's child given up for adoption b/c of Lucy's career, look a LOT like Desi, IMO. I LOVE LUCY & DESI - BECAUSE THEY...
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    Voiceover master, Don LaFontaine died at 69

    Gosh, wasn't he on one of the recent Geico commercials??
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    Hurricane Gustav

    There are big storm clouds and pretty good winds here in east-central Alabama today, too, and we are a few more hundred miles away from Gustav than you are, Poco. This thing is a monster.
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    Parents killed, newborn survives car crash

    This is so very sad.
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    Hurricane Gustav

    I live in Alabama about 4 hours inland. I don't think it's coming this way but whenever one makes landfall on Mobile or Pensacola we always get serious weather. When Opal hit in '95, she was still a Cat-2 when she got to us, so we always watch them closely. Last weekend we were dealing with...