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    TN TN - Summer Moon-Utah Wells Missing from Rogersville #34

    Hmmm.. I took it to mean that it would take that long to get caught up reading all of the previous posts? Maybe? Just very, very sad that she is still missing.
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    Found Deceased TN - David Riemens, 60, Watertown, 8 Aug 2012

    It is a very informative article; however, they still don’t know what really happened. The detective still carries one of the bricks found in his truck and looks for a match. His friends feel it was foul play because he wouldn’t have walked away from his truck at Dollar Tree, that he would have...
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    CA CA - Maya Millete, 39, missed daughter's birthday, Chula Vista, 7 Jan 2021 #2

    I got nothing...but this is on page 4, so..... I do feel so bad for the children. Can’t CPS step in just to evaluate their mental status? Whether or not their dad did anything is not the issue here. He is isolating them while their mother is missing and should quit worrying about what people do...
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    CA CA - Barbara Thomas, 69, from Bullhead City AZ, disappeared in Mojave desert, 12 July 2019 #12

    JMO...I took this to mean “someone,” i.e. a POI, objecting to the article being written in the first place, not a reaction to an article itself.
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    MT MT - Barbara Bolick, 55, Corvallis, 18 Jul 2007

    I just looked at this for the first time and something that came to my mind was that the cousin was anxious about them being gone so long, but the husband was not. Maybe the cousin had some reason to worry about him being alone with Barbara but never mentioned it after Barbara went missing. A...
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    Found Deceased AZ - Sara Jean Galloway, 38, Tucson, Pima County, 21 March 2019 *Down Syndrome*

    We lost my cousin who had Down syndrome at age 41. This was just three years after she started displaying worrying symptoms with paranoia, etc. At first it was assumed that it may have been menopause, however, it turned out to be early-onset Alzheimer’s. This is now known to happen to some...
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    NM NM - Stephen Carey, 59, Las Cruces, 8 July 2019 *car found near Organ Mountain National Monument*

    I don’t think the land itself is restricted by the military, just that drones and/or flyovers are restricted because the area backs up to a military installation. They can search, just not use drones, etc.
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    Found Safe TN - SLP, 14, Madisonville, Monroe County, 13 Jan 2019 #2 *ARREST*

    A little OT..maybe. Just sending out kudos to the mods whose heads must be spinning. You have really been on top of everything. Just when I was thinking “it’s time for initials,” that’s exactly what happened. Thanks for all you do. And..of course, what great news. We are teaching our girls to...
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    Found Deceased Australia - Nischal Ghimire, 22, Glenelg Beach, Adelaide, SA, 27 Dec 2018

    The original alert said it appeared that the boy had been swimming...maybe he had gone in the water suddenly and Nischal went in after him. I know he couldn’t swim, but I don’t know that he would not go after the boy he was caring for anyway.
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    Found Deceased IN - Abigail (Abby) Williams, 13, and Liberty (Libby) German, 14/The Delphi Murders 13 Feb 2017 #85

    Ever since the girls were murdered I have often thought about the case of Charlie Keever and Jonathan Sellers..two little boys who were out playing together, enjoying a weekend day when they were horribly murdered by a pedophile. It took eight years for their killer to be DNA. This...
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    September 11th 2001 Where Were You When the Planes Went Down

    I was still asleep (California). I worked from home but it was my day off. My sister called from New Orleans to tell me. My mum and her friend were flying from Los Angeles to London that day and their flight had left early. My poor dad started calling me and didn’t know what to do. However, I...
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    Found Deceased CO - Maggie Long, 17, suspicious house fire, Bailey, 1 Dec 2017

    Wow...definitely a great article. Something extremely rare these days...and a mention of Websleuths in the article. I hope that LE have some ideas about who, what, why. Her poor family must be suffering so.
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    Found Alive CA - Sherri Papini, 34, Redding, 2 November 2016 - #24

    My husband and I also have a trust setup to avoid probate issues later. I am in California and our property tax bills are now addressed to &#8220;The <name> Family Trust.&#8221; We live in a condominium community and our statements, etc., from the homeowners association read the same way. If...
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    Found Deceased TX - Sherin Mathews, 3, Richardson, 7 Oct 2017 #7 *Arrests*

    I don&#8217;t think this is a listing for her job. Looking at the description it mentions this is an at home position when not doing face to face evaluations. I don&#8217;t think she worked an at home...and she worked night shifts didn&#8217;t she?
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    Found Alive CA - Sherri Papini, 34, Redding, 2 November 2016 - #22

    Sadly, it happens. I was raped years ago. The rapists went on to murder someone. By the time they were caught, trial, etc., my case was past the statue of limitations. Obviously, they couldn&#8217;t use my case at trial, but I was scheduled to testify in the penalty phase. Once the media found...