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    GUILTY WI - 12-Year-Old Girls Stab Friend 19 Times for Slenderman, Waukesha, 31 May 2014 #2

    20/20 is on now .. Thought I would remind you guys ..
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    David Amaya Barrick, Chicago Man, To Reunite With Mom 34 Years After Being Abducted

    WOW.... What a great story. Thanks for posting it!!
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    FL FL - Adji Desir, 6, Immokalee, 10 Jan 2009 - #3

    I was checking in on this sweet baby.. That age progression is something isn't it.
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    FL - Man kills and cooks family Dog

    I hate posting this and of course the monster is from Fla.. Tampa, Florida -- A Tampa man is facing animal cruelty charges after he allegedly killed his family's pet dog, and then cut...
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    SIDEBAR #14- Arias/Alexander forum

    .I have seen questions and I am not sure if they have been answered ..even on HLN last nite someone asked WHY was Zimmerman trial only using 6 Jurors... and Double J did not answer it soooo Well I looked it up and apparently in FL if it is not a Capital Case they use 6 .... Just an FYI ..I did...
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    SIDEBAR #13- Arias/Alexander forum

    I had forgot how great they were and all the brass .. I really enjoyed it..and everyone was moving ..
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    SIDEBAR #13- Arias/Alexander forum

    I saw you guys posted KOOL and THE GANG ...I went to see them last year they were great !! But whoever thought they would open for Van Halen LOL
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    SIDEBAR #13- Arias/Alexander forum

    LEST WE NOT FORGET THIS GROUP ....i HAVE SEEN THEM TWICE them . Little Feat - Manchester 1976 - Dixie Chicken - YouTube Little Feat
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    SIDEBAR #13- Arias/Alexander forum

    I cant believe I never thought about this song for JODI ...LMAO Frank Zappa - Dirty Love - YouTube
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    SIDEBAR #13- Arias/Alexander forum

    LOL and remember the rotating dance floors !!
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    "The devil is beating his wife": Dialect maps document U.S.'s many linguistic divides

    My first husband was from Baltimore and it used to crack me up when he said amblance instead of ambulance
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    SIDEBAR #13- Arias/Alexander forum

    Originally Posted by Peepers McPeep Yeah!..Lurve Stevie Ray.. so much, I awoke from my coma to post. Saw him in concert a month before the crash. Theres a great band out there in the cosmos. I better practice the cow-bell.. I think that spot may still be empty.. When I was pregnant with son...
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    SIDEBAR #12- Arias/Alexander forum

    yep I am in bed with lap top and Lifetime Betty Whites ."Off their Rockers" Have a good nite .. I have fallen asleep with ID channel too many times and it makes for wacked dreams ..