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    CANADA Daniel Joseph Pickett (25) Missing in St. John’s, NL Canada since Oct 25, 2006

    According to this article, "On Tuesday [October 31], the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary used police dogs and officers on horses in the search for Pickett. Police and family members have said Pickett may have fallen into the harbour while returning to his vessel's berth after a night of...
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    CT CT - Mark R. Johnson, 42, Tolland, 24 Oct 2006

    BBM. According to this article: "Donna-Lee Maheu-Senk [the wife] was concerned about Mark Johnson's disappearance because he had a 'medical condition' and she believed he was depressed over a personal problems." This may explain why she reported him missing in as little as ten minutes after...
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    CA CA - Dora Marie Silva, 32, San Fernando, May 8, 1999

    I wish more information were available on this case. This LA Times article states that Dora "has no history of disappearing or leaving unannounced." So what reason did she give for leaving the house so late at night? Was she buying last-minute groceries? A Mother's Day gift? Was she meeting a...
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    TN TN - James Butler, 39, Kingsport, 16 Aug 1995

    According to this link, his girlfriend last saw him on August 7 but didn't report him until six days later? That might be suspicious. Then again, she stated that he was on his way from Kingsport to Johnson City, TN—just 30 minutes away—in order to find work. Since August 7 was a Monday that...
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    UK UK - Ruth Wilson, 16, Dorking, 27 Nov 1995

    I'm not familiar with Prodigy, but it sounds to me like AOL. I guess the next question would be how much Ruth used her computer a lot at home. Because, in this time period, I don't remember being able to access my own e-mail or instant messages by using computers outside my h0me network. If that...
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    CA CA - Beau Mann, 39, texted “911” shortly after leaving convenience store, Studio City, 30 Nov 2021

    Oh goodness... No disrespect to anyone who believes in that—I consider myself to be a religious/spiritual person—but I'm getting major Sylvia Browne vibes from that post. :-/
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    LA LA - Jake Latiolais, 22, Baton Rouge, 29 August 2014

    I just watched Danelle Hallan's coverage on this case, and I agree with her that we need to know first whether Jake communicated with his friend(s) by actual phone call or by text before he disappeared. Anyone can send a text, but hearing his voice would confirm when he was last alive. It...
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    CA CA - Beau Mann, 39, texted “911” shortly after leaving convenience store, Studio City, 30 Nov 2021

    Agreed. According to this ABC article from October 2021: "If you're in a situation where you either don't want to or can't speak to the 911 dispatcher, like if you're being taken to a location you didn't ask for and don't want to go, [Wade] Stormer [senior manager of public safety for Uber]...
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    CA CA - Beau Mann, 39, texted “911” shortly after leaving convenience store, Studio City, 30 Nov 2021

    That's certainly possible, but I feel like the last time I heard about picking people up in a supermarket was in the Tales of the City book series, which takes place in late 1970s San Francisco. I really don't think people do this as much anymore here, especially not when there are a whole bunch...
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    MO Amber Elaine Fowler, 32, Joplin, 7 July 2012

    I wonder if there's more to why Dennis' family hasn't reported him missing, even though it's been ten years since he was last seen, and he may be in the company of someone who is reported as missing. So bizarre.
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    CANADA Canada - John Sparrow, 29, Kingston, ON, 15 April 2001

    Using the alternate spelling of "Stephen," I found this Missing poster from January 2002. It cites the date of his disappearance as May 1, 2001. This discrepancy is also noted on Canada's Missing. I wonder what's up with that. We're talking anywhere from two weeks to a month!
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    GA GA - Stephanie Jane Howard, 22, Jesup, 30 Nov 2001

    I'm very suspicious of this truck driver and his wife. I don't understand how you go from a night out with friends at your local bar to "oh yeah, can you just drop me off 200 miles away from home?" From the details, it doesn't sound like the friends knew about this trip. Otherwise I might've...
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    CT CT - Robert Cavanagh, 51, Mansfield, 21 Dec 2004

    snipped by me The Charley Project states he "has a history of depression," NamUs adds that he "was reported to be despondent," and according to the third link, "family members reported that he might be in need of medical attention." With all this in mind, I really wish we knew more about the...
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    UK UK - Ruth Wilson, 16, Dorking, 27 Nov 1995

    Yeah I agree. From what I remember of using the internet in high school in the late 90s, it was basically like a computerized encyclopedia. You used it to look up information that you otherwise would've needed a library for, and that was pretty much it. Oh and, of course, song lyrics when they...
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    UK UK - Ruth Wilson, 16, Dorking, 27 Nov 1995

    Wow I think these are all very excellent and plausible points. If Ruth had been told all her life that her mom's death was an accident, only to learn later on that it was suicide, Ruth may have doubted even this story. After all, if you lied to me once, how can I be sure you're telling me the...