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    Blue Bell recalls all its ice cream products over listeria concerns

    Could it be sabotage by another company? I want my Rocky Road and those banana/fudge bombsticks
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    TN - Five killed in shootings at 2 US military centers, Chattanooga, 16 July 2015

    There is something drastically wrong in this country when our trained military men and women aren't allowed to defend themselves on their own bases. Has this country gone nuts? Where is the outrage that our armed forces are actually the unarmed forces no longer guaranteed their Second...
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    Texas addresses

    Where the CVS is now used to be Charco's Drive In, and was where we kids hung out back in the 60s. An aunt of mine lived in apartments that used to butt up or nearly so next to Charco's. Wish I could remember the name of those apartments. I'll see if I can't come up with the name of those...
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    MISTRIAL TX - Nine dead, 20 injured in shootout at Waco bikers' meeting, 17 May 2015

    I looked Twin Peaks up on the internet. Sounds more like a biker bar than a restaurant. Figures. Definitely some idiot or idiots running this place. They had been warned by LE that this is what could happen, and sure enough. Stupid. Just plain stupid. It is a wonder no bystanders...
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    Deceased/Not Found TX - Julie Gonzalez, 21, Austin, 26 March 2010 *G de la Cruz Guilty*

    I'm sorry to say I had not kept up with the trial and conviction of de la Cruz, but am thrilled he will be going away for a very long time. Have a question. In some of the info I read from the trial it was said there were pings on Julie or George's cell phone from a location where there had...
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    Brian Williams Lied About Being Shot Down in Iraq?

    More on the secret life of Brian Wiliams... And this:
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    OK OK - Jamison Family: Truck, IDs and Dog Found Abandoned 08 Oct 2009 - #12

    I don't know of one either, but a single lion attacked a pipeline crew in Canada and injured two workers. Not severe injuries at all The Jamisons did have several things going against...
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    OK OK - Jamison Family: Truck, IDs and Dog Found Abandoned 08 Oct 2009 - #12

    At least now I know I'm not alone in that thought. Apologies if I missed you. If a cougar's not disturbed it will eat at will, usually drag it's kill into some brush cover it with leaf debris and some dirt until it comes back. Mountain lion kills are much rarer than attacks, yet I wonder...
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    OK OK - Jamison Family: Truck, IDs and Dog Found Abandoned 08 Oct 2009 - #12

    However unlikely this may be, if not foul play or falling temperatures could the Jamison family have been attacked and killed by a mountain lion or possibly up to 3 mountain lions, a mama and one or two large cubs? Imight offer more on this depending on the answers I get.
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    TX TX - Ginger Sutherland, 19, Fresno, 16 Jun 1988

    To AleeS and Ginger'sSister; Ladies, I am very sorry your sister's been missing so long. Time for justice is overdue for Ginger. You will need to be varified as insiders on this case by contacting this website's owner, Tricia Griffiths. She will then give you clearance. Hope we can...
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    Change of beliefs

    Tricia, Would the prosecutor of this case really allow 3 violent child killers out of prison to roam the streets freely? Let me ask you this, knowing what you know about the DA in the JBR case, can you be so sure? What do you think this newly elected DA's thoughts were when he first...
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    FL FL - Clifford & Christine Walker, both 23, & 2 kids, Osprey, 20 Dec 1959

    The DNA evidence was inconclusive, so to answer your question, no it did not clear Smith and Hickock nor were they eliminated as suspects. On another note, maybe the guy that sold his .22 rifle and couldn't remember who he sold it to, sold it to Smith and Hickock? Whether he did or didn't, I'm...
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    Mystery couple murdered in South Carolina, 1976 - #6

    Good for her, but wasn't she the one who hired the sketch artist who made the couple look like So. American citizens?
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    Mystery couple murdered in South Carolina, 1976 - #6

    Oddly, I just saw this the other day: you know what's sometimes said about conspiracy theories? The only ones who don't believe in them are the conspirators. I wouldn't necessarily agree with that, but I do see the point. A couple of years ago, I emailed back and forth with one of...
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    WY WY - Donald Kemp, 35, Cheyenne, 16 November 1982

    I'm curious how Kemp's body was identified as Kemp? Was a dna test done? As far as police questioning MD, Le has at times questioned a POI, then released that person only to discover their error later. Even the newspaper article said the LE investigation was inconclusive. What the heck is a...