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    GA GA - Bridget Clodfelter, 27, Smyrna, 5 Sep 1992

    I agree with Mrs Tigglesworth on this match - stumbled across the unidentified remains on another site and decided to do some research and Bridget's missing description came up.
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    Volusia County - Daytona Beach (Ridgwood Ave corridor)

    Just a quickie - it's probably been mentioned before, but didn't the Long Island serial kiler use burlap to wrap his victims in too?
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    Mystery couple murdered in South Carolina, 1976 - #6

    Thanks Roselvr - this is the first time I've made a suggestion - I'm from England and not too familiar with American places but am learning! I came across Steven Packard purelyl by chance on the Doe Network update, which in turn linked to Linda Lovell on the Charley project and then I remembered...
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    Mystery couple murdered in South Carolina, 1976 - #6

    Hi I'm looking at the photographs of the two people and wondering whether they could be Stephen Locke Packard - Linda Lee Lovell - Probably unlikely but they could have spent a...
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    Murder of Gayle Cater, La Marque, 30 Sept 1978 - connecting the dots

    Walkingproof - I've already commented on another thread about the uncanny likeness between your mother and Laura Miller - and now I'm going to say the same about Gayle Cater and your mum again - so very alike... Please keep going and hopefully you will find the answers you (and maybe others) seek.
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    My father may be linked to the Texas killing fields.

    Hi Just joined Websleuths and came across this thread by accident - the picture of your mother, Walkingproof, is so like an older version of Laura Miller - it's uncanny... By the way greetings to everybody from little old England!