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    IL IL - Timmothy Fry-Pitzen, 6, Aurora, 13 May 2011 - mom found dead - #3

    Just caught the tail end with NBC 5 Chicago news. The mother's sister was on and thinks that she went to Iowa to drop off Timothy. New Information Emerges on Timmothy Pitzen's 18th Birthday
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    NH NH - Maura Murray, 21, Haverhill, 9 Feb 2004 - #15

    If she had hidden in the woods to avoid police, wouldn't she have left tracks in the snow? The pictures I remember seeing if the accident site showed snow along the road.
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    NH NH - Maura Murray, 21, Haverhill, 9 Feb 2004 - #15

    I just did a rewatch of the Disappeared episode for Maura. One thing was mentioned that I forgot about. The voice mail her boyfriend received the next day. The one with the breathing and sobbing sounds. I realize it was made with a calling card but you would think it would still be traceable to...
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    PA PA - Joey Offutt, 33, State College, July 2007

    Was hoping for new information. I wonder if we will ever find out what happened.
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    PA PA - Richard Petrone 35 & Danielle Imbo 34, Philadelphia, 19 Feb 2005 #2

    Having just watched a rerun of the Dissapeared episode. One of the investigators mentioned that there were no cameras on traffic heading into New Jersey. Just coining into PA.
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    CT CT - Angel Garcia, 19, Hartford, 21 Oct 2011

    No new information on this case. So sad.
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    What does not sit well with me

    I agree with your post. The scene was contaminated by the time police were called. I alsothink that the investigation was not taken seriouslyto begin with. Like most missing persons cases.
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    ID - DeOrr Kunz, Jr., 2, Timber Creek Campground, 10 July 2015 - #31

    If I recall, it was either inconclusive or never released.
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    PA PA - Joey Offutt, 33, State College, July 2007

    I still think she was bathing the baby and got called away by the phone or someone knocking at the door. She cane back to the baby and he had drowned. She called the father in a panic.When he got there he killed her in a fit of rage. The rest of it was him covering up what happened. It was...
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    MA MA - Neo Babson Maximus, aka Charles Allen, 22, Dartmouth, 12 Oct 2007

    Such a strange case. I hope his family gets closer some day.
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    What Do You Want to Know?: List Questions Here

    After watching the "Real Life Nightmare" show on HLN last Saturday, they kept showing the elevator video. There is a part where EL steps out of the elevator and seems to be talking to someone and her hands a gesturing in a weird way. My question is where her parents ever asked if this was a...
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    IN IN - Renee Bruhl, Patricia Blough & Ann Miller, Indiana Dunes SP, 2 July 1966

    Good post.^^^ I live very close to the state park. Every time we visit or drive past, I think about these women. Unfortunately, I don’t think that they will ever be found unless someone talks. It might happen. MOO
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    OK OK - Jamison Family: Truck, IDs and Dog Found Abandoned 08 Oct 2009 - #12

    Was anything ever mentioned if a gun was found with the bodies. Because how could it be a murder suicide if there was no gun. Just wondering.