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    Found Alive AZ - Buddy Walker, 64, Mesa, 26 March 2016 Same info. I hope he's found quickly..
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    TX - Bruce Wallis, 51, pilot, running brothels in Houston, 25 March 2016

    Prostitution is legal in some places in Texas, I'm not saying it's right.
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    KS KS - Megan Foglesong, 22, Alden, 25 Nov 2015

    How sad, she's been gone far too long..
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    PA PA - Jesse Conway, 57, Chester, 9 January 2016
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    12 y/o girl pinches boy student at Orlando FL area school. Mar 2016.

    It does seem like we live in a bass ackward world doesn't it..
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    WA - Newborn baby found alive inside Everett trash compactor

    Thank God she was so tenacious, and didn't listen to others opinions. Because of her another precious baby's alive..
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    Deceased/Not Found CA - Sierra LaMar, 15, Morgan Hill, 16 March 2012 #21 *A. Garcia-Torres guilty*

    Because they'd lose big time. Still they'll clutch at straws and pray something else comes up in the meantime..