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    Deceased/Not Found SC - Leonna Wright, 1, Pendleton, 6 June 2015 *Arrests in 2020*

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    Robotic cat -Search and Rescue

    I for one welcome our future Robotic Cat Overlords.
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    Trial Sidebar audio, transcripts released! *Discuss here*

    WOW I can't wait to have time to read this whole thread!
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    For the weekend: 1,000 places Jodi will never, ever see again

    Jodi will never know the simple pleasure or working to help others. She will not be able to take a long hot soak in a tub. Take a walk. My fave, our Stabby Snow WHite will never EVER darken a Disney property again. I'll think about her next week when I am there. NOT.
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    Penalty Phase - Verdict Watch #4

    I spanked my son with a wooden spoon. He is now a sophomore in college and has a side business. And is not stalkery stabby.
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    SIDEBAR #5- Arias/Alexander forum

    Good Morning All. Prayers going up ( have been since yesterday afternoon). Mr Red is a volunteer with our local Red Cross Emergency Management. Since we are East Coast he is not involved but I had an idea. Imma get him to ask and ask my vet about the pet issues during a disaster. Hugo came...
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    SIDEBAR #5- Arias/Alexander forum

    Did I take too much cough syrup or did that really happen in court today?
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    SIDEBAR #4- Arias/Alexander forum

    OMG I am so sorry. I just realized that I was doing this VERY thing in discussing what possible reasons DB had for appearing on behalf of JA. It was wrong and I just slipped right on into the speculation. *goes to corner*
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    SIDEBAR #4- Arias/Alexander forum

    Regarding DB.. Jodi Ann does a lot of projecting. It is possible that she herself was a botherer of children? Or he was and she knew it ( transfering this to her defence on Travis) and he knew HER secrets so that is why they have nothing but loverly things to say about each other?
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    SIDEBAR #4- Arias/Alexander forum

    11 more work days til VACAY!:rockon:
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    SIDEBAR #4- Arias/Alexander forum

    all the cute pups and food. Here is my mom's baby Paddy - last weekend- eyeing my dad's steak. and Yes she got some later. All 4 dogs were in seperate corners with their bones. Lil Paddy, my sister's 2 and mine.
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    SIDEBAR #3- Arias/Alexander forum

    IMO, she thought that she could have her 15 minutes, get some type of $$, etc.
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    SIDEBAR #3- Arias/Alexander forum

    WARNING. UNPOPULAR OPINION. WARNING. In my not so very humble opinion, in the grand scheme of things, I think it is rather petty to call and *Tell* on DB. Everybody needs somebody,justice is being served, and if DB had the bad judgement to try and hook up to the Jodi Train, wah. the CM is...