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    CA CA - Long Beach, WhtMale 15-19, 1392UMCA, 'Paid' stamp on hand, Jun'78

    Thanks, I didn't notice he was ruled out. Also, Hazel is not specific to one eye colour. Hazel is a mixture. It doesn't always mean brown. My eyes are Hazel blue. I have a combination of 3 eye colours - blue/green with a tiny brown ring.
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    CA CA - Long Beach, WhtMale 15-19, 1392UMCA, 'Paid' stamp on hand, Jun'78

    New mp on doenet. I looked at the morgue photo and noticed similarities.
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    LA LA, Steven Soileau, 23, Mamou, May 29 1990

    I think so. Its been a while, I've submitted so many I can't quite remember
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    WA WA - GARY RIDGWAY - Green River Serial Killer

    I'm just reading that book now too! Ann was such a great author. I'm so shocked to read that he was followed home with one of his victims in the car in 1983, the police were called to his house and they left after 3 minutes, when Gary said he hadn't seen this woman !!:eek::eek::eek:
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    NY NY - Mark Seelman, 16, & Douglas Goodwin, 18, Rome, 7 June 1990

    Hopefully they've been found!
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    UK UK - North Yorks, 'Sutton Bank Jane Doe', WhtFem 35-40, Sz 4 shoe, mild upper spine malformation, Aug'81

    I've been doing extensive research into missing people in the UK, and I'm wondering if this could be Margaret Moody, missing from Scotland since 1977. However, Margaret was quite a bit taller than Jane Doe, and was a mother of 7 kids. 43-year-old mystery of missing mum who left home in 1977...
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    TX TX - Jesus Mendoza, 21, Cherokee, 24th December 1988

    Browsing John Does , I found this one. This has to be him! 3742UMTX 3742UMTX - Unidentified Male Date of Discovery: December 28, 1988 Location of Discovery: Hutchins, Dallas County, Texas Estimated Date of Death: Hours State of Remains: Not recognizable - Traumatic injuries Cause of...
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    TX TX - Jesus Mendoza, 21, Cherokee, 24th December 1988

    Jesus Mendoza – The Charley Project THE CHARLEY PROJECT Jesus Mendoza Mendoza, circa 1988 Missing Since12/24/1988 Missing FromCherokee, Texas ClassificationMissing SexMale RaceHispanic Date of Birth07/31/1967 (54) Age21 years old Height and Weight5'6, 150 pounds Distinguishing...
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    MO MO - Gwendolyn Mae Clemons, 23, Kansas City, 24 Nov 1982

    Shes been Identified??? Or do you mean Alisha?
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    WV WV - Bath, WhtFem 30-35, 512UFWV, hysterectomy, permed red hair, May'50

    The fbi bulletins pre 1960 are useful for old mp reports. Many have returned home but still a few unaccounted for, eg Clydie Woodall and Juda Jackson. @victoriarobinson642 did you submit Clydie?
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    IL IL - The Unidentified Victims of John Wayne Gacy

    I guess I should have checked that! Is there a full list of rule outs? Louis does resemble one of the victims, he's only a year or so younger than the estimate so not enough to rule him out just yet.