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    SIDEBAR #15- Arias/Alexander forum

    That's so sad, Princess! I really feel for your boss and his wife, cause our fur babies are "our children" and they're such a tremendous part of our famililies. It would be devestating to lose one of mine! I'll keep them on my prayer list. And sending out comfort and hugs their way as well!
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    KatieCoolady Holds 'Court' - The Dedicated KCL Thread

    katiecoolady, I don't post that often, as my real life is too nuts most days, causing my brain to feel like mush. I just want to tell you how I so love reading all your posts, and you have given me inner strength so many times on so many days! I have a son, whom I care for, that has alot of...
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    SIDEBAR #7- Arias/Alexander forum

    This is an ABC News Exclusive... And, all three of these jurors voted for the DP.
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    Penalty Phase #12

    Thanks so much for finding this! I had searched for it, with no luck! Thank you! :seeya:
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    Sunday May 19 Chris & Skye Hughes on Tricia's True Crime Radio

    Oh, I can't wait, Tricia! Thank you for having Chris and Skye on tomorrow night! I have grown to really love them both! I believe they are really fantastic people and they'd be the type of couple I could see myself and Hubby hang out with or I'd love having them as my next door neighbors...
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    Aggravated waiting for the aggravation phase #6

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! Thank you for sharing! :tyou:
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    Aggravated waiting for the aggravation phase #5

    Not sure where to place this, but it's a great article.
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    Aggravation phase #2

    I heard on HLN that Dr Horn's schedule did not have free time for testimony until next Wed. May 15th.
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    VERDICT is IN!! #1

    Thank you to these JURORS!!!! They have restored my faith in the Justice System of our great country! I believe they sent a strong message to JA and to her DT, that they didn't believe a word of their filthy lies and their dragging of Travis Alexander's name through the mud over and over! Yes...
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    VERDICT is IN!! #1

    I just got in from work... just in time to see and hear Justice for Travis!!!!
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    a view from the inside: observations from our own court observers #9

    Thank you, Sleuth13! I really needed to read this and to be reminded to remember these other trials you mention, and how long those jurors deliberated! I know we're all in the same boat here, all of us wanting justice for Travis and his family and wanting to hear those words, "Guilty of 1st...
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    a view from the inside: observations from our own court observers #9

    I love this, Goldie! It made me cry, so beautiful! :seeya: Travis was such a beautiful human being, and yes, even after his untimely, unjust death, his light continues burning brightly throughout the Universe! ~Justice for Travis~
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    a view from the inside: observations from our own court observers #9

    I justlove the Alexander Family! They are truely a class act! What a beautiful way to forever honor his brother!!! Steven, I wish you a Happy Birthday! And my prayers for all of your family, is for peace, comfort, and Justice for your beloved Brother, Travis.
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    Verdict Watch 05/06/2013 - part 2

    Well, I'd have to say the regular court watchers are right on!:seeya: JMO :blushing: