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    NH NH - Barbara Newhall Follet, 25, Rodgers, 7 Dec 1939

    How I wish she did choose to walk away, creating a new life for herself. Would she have done that to her mother though? She was so young, I find it very suspicious that remains were found in an area that she and her husband had gone to before.
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    UT UT - Kiplyn Davis, 15, Spanish Fork, 2 May 1995

    Such a heartbreaking case and I continue to hope her family will one day have Kiplyn returned to them. Hard to imagine why Olsen won't say where she can be found, but then I remind myself this is a person who could calmly and easily plan his alibi and just go on with his life. Could be he...
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    Found Deceased CO - Jonelle Matthews, 12, Greeley, 20 Dec 1984 *arrest 2020*

    I'm hoping now that her body has been found, somehow more information will be found. Since its been so long, DNA evidence would be long gone I'm thinking. Since her older sister and father were at a game, I can't help but wonder if someone else at that game could have noticed Jonelle was not...
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    CA CA - East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer *ARREST* #3

    It's so strange about taking whole sets of China. Something quite heavy really. I wonder if it wasn't because he wanted it for himself, but because it was something he viewed as very special to a married couple so he wanted to tear that away from them. When he was engaged to Bonnie, had they...
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    CA CA - East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer *ARREST* #2

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, I haven't been able to read all the posts. I've noticed the sign about beware of the dog, up on the wooden fence. Just curious if JJD did have a dog, or if it's for the neighbor. Watching him in court, sitting so meekly in the wheelchair. It's...
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    Found Deceased UT - Emily, 23, & Gabriel Almiron, 3, Orem, 13 Sept 2015 *Arrest*

    I’m glad they have enough to bring charges. of course wishing it had ended differently. He must have thought he’d gotten away with it and enjoying his life in Hawaii.
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    MN MN - Daniel Newville, 18, New London, 1 Aug 2002

    It’s been 15 years now.
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    NH NH - Maura Murray, 21, Haverhill, 9 Feb 2004 - #13

    It’s been a long time since I’ve looked into this case, but the new tv show has brought me back. I was hoping there would be something substantial discovered, but while there wasn’t, I do feel it’s helped put some of the rumors and theories more to rest. I do not...
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    NJ NJ - Steven Anderson, 17, & David Williams, 12, New Lisbon, 7 April 1975

    The disappearance here does not make sense, leading me to think it was a cover up for something else. was there anyone who actually saw them walking away? Was it just the staff members word that they had gone with them and then somehow disappeared? If so, how did they explain that happening...
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    GUILTY IA - Sterling Koehn, 4 mos, starved to death, Alta Vista, 30 Aug 2017

    I am sick about this. That poor little baby and the suffering he did. its hard to understand how this could have gone on, why the little girl was cared for and such terrible neglect for the baby? I know this is not the first time in a family where one is singled out to be mistreated, I just...
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    NY NY - Dorothy Arnold, 25, New York, 1910

    Wow, hearing that makes me wonder if she maybe had hopes of convincing someone to return with her so they could be at their brothers wedding.
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    MD MD - Karen Kamsch, 14, Pasadena, 1976

    Such a sad case, and if it wasn’t for her brother asking questions, no one would be aware she has been missing all these years. Did the school ever ask why she never came back to school?
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    UT UT - Macin Smith, 17, St George, 1 Sept 2015

    Bumping for Macin. I do not want to come across as sounding disrespectful of anyone, or of anyone’s religion here. I do feel that Macin was struggling very hard with the pressure he was under. Mormon teachings do not accept someone being gay. Its possible the escape he had with playing...
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    IL IL - James 'Jimmy' Howell, 9, Sterling, 28 May 1969

    How long after he went missing, did the dog disappear also? It makes me wonder if someone came back to get it for Jimmy. I wonder how much the former foster parents were looked at. It sounds like there was still one brother staying with the foster mother, could there have been people who felt...
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    PA PA - Beverly Sharpman, 17, Philadelphia, 11 Sept 1947

    Bumping this case up. It certainly sounds like she made plans to leave voluntarily. She withdrew her savings and gave notice at her job. what kind of business did she work at? Could she have gotten involved with a coworker or possibly a customer? Were they able to determin it was her that...