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In rereading this thread it is amazing just how much of a reach it will be for the defense to use any defense to explain away ICA's actions.

GA and CA were grandparents that, despite being fruitcakes themselves, provided a home and some sort of love for Caylee. I don't think trying to place suspicion on them will work.

The ptsd option is the only chance they have in even trying to explain all of the lies, stealing, partying, etc. that occured before and after Caylee died. How they will spin this, I don't even think they know yet.

The history of lying and stealing is so great, it will be hard to blame all of it on ptsd. But they have to use it to diffuse all the Zanni stories and the made up people, places, events. It is a HUGE obstacle even with a good lawyer.

This case is really a simple one if you take away all the people who inserted themselves to create drama.

The SA wants to present a clean, precise, easy to understand account of the truth.

They have seen Jose in action and will need the world's biggest broom to sweep away all the defense's time wasting, mud slingling, mind boggling, bologna packaging courtroom antics.

My only hope is that the jurors will have the stamina to withstand this.
We've done it for 3 years, well almost, and we're still here. Two months should be a cake walk.