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    Japanese cosmetic trend for 'sexy' child-like look fuels demand for CROOKED teeth


    "Pace University's Dr Emilie Zaslow, assistant professor of communication studies, told the newspaper: 'The naturally occurring yaeba is because of delayed baby teeth, or a mouth thatís too small. 'Itís this kind of emphasis on youth and the sexualization of young girls.' The trend follows the Western fondness of late for the gap-toothed smile - also a 'young' dental look.

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    That's about the craziest craze I've seen. There girls will want straight teeth when they become adults.

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    I agree that this is disturbing and disgusting. Looking at those pics made me shudder to think of who's looking at them.

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    That's sick, plus on an adult it imparts more of a vampire look than a childlike look. :Banane18:
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