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    What do you mean by the blood was being distributed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blefuscu View Post
    The smudged fingerprint has been analysed. What the scientists found was the fingerprint contained NO male DNA. Secondly they found that they COULDN'T rule out the fingerprint being Darlie's. There are not enough comparison points available to rule her out. Therefore the smudged fingerprint does absolutely nothing to disprove Darlie being the murderer but it brings further into doubt her story of there being an intruder.
    What "Federal judge" are you referring to here?

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    I would like to address the allegations of the nurses "lying" in their charting. Charting is to be non judgemental. I can't tell you how many times I have erased what I wanted to say in my notes, and instead kept it short and to the point. I worked on a floor with neurosurgery patients for 8 years. I've seen some crazy behavior. I've seen people who I thought were being manipulative, dramatic, etc. but I can't write my feelings or judgement in a medical document. It isn't a journal. It's a patient chart.
    And you can bet your ass if there were bruises covering her entire arms there would be documentation of it during her hospital stay.

    For the record I think she's guilty as hell. I lived only blocks away at the time of the murders. I don't think the silly string convicted her, I really don't think it says much. The evidence, however, speaks volumes in my opinion.

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    My question, why is she still on death row? Why is she still here? If they have doubts about her sentence why not give her a new trial? Otherwise get it over. Has there ever been a case similar to this carried out this long?

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    That's a good question. I don't know why she is sucking more tax payer money by being on death row for 21 years if they aren't going to pull the trigger, so to speak.

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    While I do think she's guilty, I don't believe she got a fair trial.

    The prosecution played the "silly string" clip 9 times at trial but neglected to show the solemn graveside memorial full of crying and praying that the police had captured on video tape right before the birthday party thing (which was her sister's idea in the first place). There is a 2017 documentary on Youtube that shows the sad memorial clip for those who haven't seen it.

    If Darlie is on death row, why is her husband walking free? He failed a polygraph test and was in the home that night just like she was. And he's admitted to staging a break-in months before the killing as a form of insurance fraud. If anything, Darin had more criminal ties than Darlie. And how did those giant bruises get on her arms? Is it possible to inflict that kind of damage all by yourself...and cut your neck with your non-dominant hand?

    Also: Texas is the capital of capital punishment. They are too eager to put people to death. While I support the death penalty in certain extreme cases, it needs to be carried out carefully because if the state puts even one innocent person to death, they're as bad as any common killer. And they almost certainly HAVE killed innocent people--Todd Willingham comes to mind but there are others. You can always let an innocent person out of jail but you can't bring them back from the dead.

    It's that 0.000001% of doubt that makes me want to halt the execution on Darlie's case. Not because I think she's innocent or a great person, but because the trial sounds like a *****show and I know how Bible Belt "justice" can be. I imagine it was a botched murder/suicide and that Darin was involved, but I didn't draw that conclusion based on the info presented at trial, which largely centered on her lavish lifestyle, odd mourning behavior (Silly String, gum chewing, etc) & other non-evidence.

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