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Long Island Serial Killer Suspect & Luka Magnotta Allegations
Allegations have been made against Luka Magnotta that he was involved with The Long Island Serial Killer and helped him...
1. Luka was a former escort in Long Island and Fire Island New York
2. Met escort client on Craigslist. This man coerced Luka to help him find women to kill.
3. Blackmailed Luka into participating.
4. The man put the women into garbage bags and Luka helped.
5. Disposed of the women's bodies in parks and rivers with Luka's help.
6. Found Asian female on Craigslist who turned out to be a man.
7.Dismembered people in 2006.
8. April 2010 killed Shannon Maria Gilbert. Stabbed her with the L.I.S.K. and put her body into the water.
9.Put another woman in a suitcase in 2012.
10. Natasha Jugo was killed.
11. Luka involved with selling people into sex trade.
12. The Long Island Serial Killer is a former cop who also worked for park services and Luka got away from him.
13. Luka refuses to get involved for fear of accomplice charges.

I wrote to Luka Magnotta and he denies everything and referred me to his lawyer

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Where did you get your information from?
It does not sound credible.