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    I saw that JR filed the lawsuit and I wondered if BR's mental health is so great, why he couldn't just file. Then I noticed it was 2 different suits. Why? Why not file together? Why waste the tax payer money? This is often a tactic of what is called a paper terrorist. These are people who overload the courts with paperwork and they have no desire to win fairly, they either want to win by default or to scare their target. Why is JR involved at all, and why did he wait to file for himself? It looks like he was protecting BR still, and decided to file as an afterthought. Is JR still controlling and directing his life, and if so, what does that say about BR's mental health, and his future once JR dies?
    Insightful and interesting post.

    The case is patently BDI. The R's staging fooled everyone, possibly including Steve Thomas, then again he revised his Theory for publication.

    JR is the puppet master extraordinaire, to the point the case could be JDI, the lawsuits are premptive warnings to other media corporations who wish to speculate on who killed JonBenet?

    Once JR dies it will be open season on him and his estate, since the deceased cannot be defamed.

    At this point if the cold case status is not revoked or the evidence cages on the case are not opened up to public scrutiny then we will all know the case is definitely BDI !


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    Lin Wood Retweeted


    Orange County Register
    January 10, 2018

    And the winner of the Fake News Award is …

    "CBS deserves thoughtful consideration by the academy at the Fake News Awards for their shameful series The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey, where the network concluded, to millions of viewers, that JonBenet’s brother Burke Ramsey killed his sister.

    Ramsey is currently, and understandably, suing the Tiffany Network for $750 million, alleging that he was defamed and his reputation was ruined as a result of the spurious broadcast.

    In the special, a panel of law enforcement specialists came to the conclusion that after reviewing evidence from the case that Burke, then 9 years old, killed 6-year-old JonBenet by accident in 1996. The investigators also believed the children’s parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, faked their daughter’s kidnapping to cover for their son.

    True crime journalist Dawna Kaufmann has written extensively about the case and told the Register, “CBS and the participants of that program blundered badly and now must pay for their irresponsible error.

    “Authorities cleared Burke who, if he had guilty knowledge, would have been isolated by his parents. Instead they sent him to a friend’s home, then right back to school.”

    On Twitter, L. Lin Wood, the attorney for Burke Ramsey, adopted a very similar tone after a Michigan judge denied the network’s motion to dismiss Ramsey’s lawsuit. Wood tweeted, “Fake investigators. Fake investigation. Fake ‘documentary.’ Fake result and false accusations. And now a fake @CBSNews response to its huge loss today in Burke Ramsey defamation case. For those in the know, this is a very big win for Burke.”

    What is really shameful about the CBS broadcast is that the network either knew, or should have known, that they were passing along reckless and unverified information that had very real consequences.

    If you’re accusing someone of being a killer, you’d better be right.

    CBS wasn’t."...

    ..."That means to find a new and exciting angle, networks are forced to play the “what if” game.

    “Even though there’s no evidence that supports the theory that Burke Ramsey was the killer, what if he did it?”

    That is, by definition, fake news. And soon a court will decide if it’s defamatory, too."

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    First, I would like to acknowledge tadpole for the work brought to the forum and not just on this thread. Thank you, tadpole for posting when some of us lost our will to continue banging our heads. You have earned the Great Sleuth Award. Let me see if I can find you a Badge of Honor.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgrump View Post
    With all the lawsuits Burke has already been a participant and claimed to have won money it's significant to note he has yet to spend a nickel looking for the killer of JonBenet via investigational efforts or rewards.
    Well said, sgrump. That right there is highly bothersome to those of us who love Little Miss Christmas and feel she deserves Justice. Her parents pulled the measly reward before it even was spread across the nation.

    How long has Burke been living in a home alone in Charlevoix? He isolated himself from the public well before the CBS Special aired. CBS did not do that to him.

    BR was already a Hermit of his own making. CBS did not do that to him. During the public pronouncement on the Dr. Phil Show, John told us that his son did not perform well within a public environment and that his son preferred working from home.

    Burke is going to need some form of proof that the program seriously and adversely caused him harm and not just speculating that it may have.

    How many fewer friends does BR have now than he had before the CBS Special? Did he have a girlfriend who dumped him after the CBS Special?

    Have neighbors shunned him? Did clients cancel their service contracts with him? Slander lawsuits are difficult to prove.

    Can he prove there were indeed false statements made that irreparably harmed his reputation? Can Burke prove malice on the part of CBS?

    Bring on the depositions!

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    Ostensibly, the reward.

    Nothing in her honor?
    Not a scholarship?
    Not even a tree planted?
    No "in loving memory of"

    Just a headstone, seldom visited by family?

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    There was a foundation set up by the Ramseys, supposedly to honor JBR's memory by making grants to nonprofit organizations existing to protect and enrich the lives of children. It fizzled out after payments were made mostly to dress up an office. I think there was one small grant.

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