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    Canada - Barry, 75, & Honey Sherman, 70, found dead, Toronto, 15 Dec 2017 #7

    Pharmaceutical giant Barry Sherman and his wife Honey Sherman were found dead in a home in Toronto’s York Mills neighbourhood on Friday afternoon, sources confirm.

    Emergency crews responded to a 9-1-1 medical call at a house located at 50 Old Colony Road, which is in the area of Bayview Avenue and Highway 401.
    Firefighters, officers and paramedics arrived on scene just before 12 p.m. and located two bodies inside.
    Barry Sherman was the chairman of generic drug company Apotex Inc. He and his wife were well known Toronto philanthropists.

    Canadian Business magazine recently listed Barry Sherman as the 15th richest person in Canada, with a net worth of $4.77 billion.
    Speaking to reporters in front of the home, Const. David Hopkinson said the victims’ deaths are being treated as suspicious at this time.

    “The circumstances of their deaths appear suspicious and we are treating it that way,” he said. “Our investigators are inside (the home) investigating and taking apart the scene.”
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    Dr. Eric Hoskins, Ontario's Minister of Health and Long Term Care, tweeted: "I am beyond words right now. My dear friends Barry and Honey Sherman have been found dead. Wonderful human beings, incredible philanthropists, great leaders in health care. A very, very sad day. Barry, Honey, rest in peace."

    Mr. Feldman said family members had told him that Mr. Sherman had not been at work on Thursday, and that no one had heard from his wife that day, either.
    "We don't know what happened. A family member got information and called me. … We don't want to interfere with a police investigation, but on the other hand the kinfolk want to know about their kinfolk."
    An Apotex spokesperson said they had just learned the news and would not be commenting immediately.
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    Floorplans for the home where the bodies were found.


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    WARMINGTON: Cousin cruelly claims Barry Sherman 'hated his wife' and wanted her 'whacked'
    Family and friends close to slain Honey and Barry Sherman call a British tabloid’s suggestion the billionaire murdered his wife before killing himself “outrageous, false and disgusting.”

    They were responding to an exclusive story in the Daily Mail that quotes a relative — who once tried to sue Barry Sherman for $1-billion — saying the Apotex founder had previously wanted his wife dead.
    “Every word in the story is a depraved and cruel lie,” she said. “It’s despicable.”

    Others close to the Shermans said the “bizarre, cheap and fictional” claims come out of a desire for “revenge” and “profit.”

    “Barry loved Honey more than anything and any suggestion he didn’t, or would harm her, is pathetic,” one close friend said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazel View Post
    I have recently developed 2 new theories, but I don't dare to post them here, so I'll just say:

    1. murder / murder with a twist JMHO MOO speculation

    2. murder / accidental/involuntary death JMHO MOO speculation

    and now I'm gonna to
    Hi Hazel

    Theories are okay as long as they are based on some semblance of known fact and aren't just some real wild*** spec (like green people from Mars wanted to take over Apotex or the Sherman home ... or something).

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillybilly View Post
    Hi Hazel

    Theories are okay as long as they are based on some semblance of known fact and aren't just some real wild*** spec (like green people from Mars wanted to take over Apotex or the Sherman home ... or something).
    Thank you sillybilly, the theories are very logical, and crafted around what we know so far, but will definitely not be "popular."
    I'll rather wait and see what else TPS tell us, and hope conclusions will be all based on evidence, forensics, etc.
    My posts are merely my humble opinion. Unless you are quoting within Websleuths Forums, you do not have my permission to copy nor use any post made by me for anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDG View Post
    The Winters thought they couldn't have children, so BS was LWs legal heir. Yes, it means he would get everything if they died.

    Of course, it would change upon the adoption and births of further children.

    I didn't see where LW didn't leave a will? did you have a link? Must have missed it.

    Even intestate, the government has a formula for division of the estate. Anyway, LW died first, so it went to BW.

    Her will would no doubt have been the one used, for her children.
    I find all this very interesting, but don't expect others to want to explore this subject. It doesn't pertain to the Shermans being murdered. IMHO it's important to get into the victims' minds, how they think, react, etc. It would explain a few "whys" of his future actions. MOO JMHO speculation
    "Actions speak louder than words"

    I don't know if LW didn't leave a will, I just assumed he died intestate because otherwise, we would have heard BS received some $$ or maybe he did, we just don't know. If he did, maybe used it to buy the company and it wasn't his mother lending him money? There's no way to know. JMHO speculation

    I was thinking if BW had left in her Will, let's say 20% shares to BS, THAT could have been an "incentive" for him to run the company as General Manager (plus salary and a car), and keep the company afloat and striving so it will be there for her children when they were older. JMHO speculation MOO

    But sadly, now that I'm "getting into his mindframe" I don't think that's what BS wanted. I'm going to stop here. Just my 2 cents, and food for thought to whoever likes to understand how it all started. JMHO all speculation
    All who are not interested in exploring the complexities of the human mind, please ignore and just skip my post, and go to next posts.
    My posts are merely my humble opinion. Unless you are quoting within Websleuths Forums, you do not have my permission to copy nor use any post made by me for anything.
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    Do people have ideas on how this worked? Did the killer know Honey was going to Florida?

    Did the killer know about the architect meeting?

    Was there something that sparked the need to kill now?

    How did the killer get into the house unseen?

    Was there a housekeeper on Thursday? Why was Honey down by the pool? There must not have been any indication of anything amiss in the house since the housekeeper did not notice anything.

    If Honey parked by the door, why did she go to the pool? Was she dragged there? Marched there? Carried? How did that come to be?

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    All good questions.I have another one..were the doors all locked when the housekeeper or realtor entered the house.

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    My explanation was because someone posted about BS being LWs only heir before they had children.

    By the time both died, they had 4 children, so very doubtful that BS was even in the will, as most families with small children are leaving their assets to care for their children.

    I respectfully disagree that it doesn't pertain to the murder of the Shermans, IF any of the Winter orphans are involved, the contents or disbursement of their parents wills might be very important as a starting point for all the anger, hostility etc.

    I hope both LW and BW had up to date wills, there is something in Ontario wills about surviving for 30 days, and they did not. Not sure whose will would be probated in that case. Any legal people ??

    Seeing as BW did not want the children to be raised by any family, I imagine their portions went into trust with the courts. BW also didn't reply when BS suggested taking over the firm a few days after LW died.
    We do not know what her reasons but she definitely didn't want BS in charge of Empire and trusted RT to do the right thing by her children.

    This could well have been the kicking off point for all of the distress that has ensued.

    Its all a moot point, BS did get Empire, did sell Empire and eventually bought his own company, Apotex.
    ~ IMO

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    Just a few things cone to mind.

    "Sherman himself once publicly noted, 'For a thousand dollars I'm surprised somebody hasn't taken me out."

    This was a statement from BS from around 2000, yet there was no attempt on his life for an additional 17 YEARS!

    "Instead, Winter claimed, Sherman came to him wanting him to put a hit on Honey in the late nineties."

    "It was a chance encounter with a friend of their mother which saw Winter and his brothers reconnect with Sherman in 1989."

    So, we are to believe after reconnecting with KW in 1989, he goes to his cousin, with a KNOWN drug problem and asks for a hit on his wife??

    This is beyond rediculous!
    BS had a very high IQ, there is no way he would have gone to KW for this type of "hit"!

    "Winter said, a handwritten note from a trustee who visited Beverly shortly before her death noted she was 'visibly upset' and, 'worried that Barry is trying to steal the company from the children."

    This woman is on her death bed dying from cancer and she is leaving behind 4 small children! She is concerned that BARRY is going to take "the business" from her children??
    Doesn't it seem she'd be more concerned about who would RAISE her children?

    Maybe it just me, but I would be less concerned about what happened to the "business" than the fact that my children were going to be orphans!

    This just all sounds so far fetched!


    If it was some political group or "big pharma"...

    Follow the $, from what I've read the children had no interest in Apotex. NONE

    What was the MOTIVE?
    WHY kill HS too?
    IMO this was no "hit"
    It was personal.
    The killer wanted to watch them suffer.
    Wanted their children to suffer upon finding out how the parents died.

    What some motives?
    Money, jealousy, revenge.
    I'm sure there are more.

    Motive, means and opportunity...

    KW didn't do "the deed".
    Isn't it odd he can't say "kill"
    Or "murder" ?

    This sounds like he is distancing himself from the killing.

    Similar to a parent who killed their child not being able to say the child's name.

    Don't you think if BS had wanted HS dead in the 90's somehow in 18+ years he'd have handled it?

    I woman who would lay out his clothes and tell him what to eat?? He was dependant on her for the basic needs in life wasn't he?

    It indeed is quite the mystery! I hope to have a final chapter!!

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    With so many news reports, we need to realize that they won't be 100% accurate and there will be some discrepancies.

    The majority of the media reports say the Sherman’s were fully clothed and Honey hadn’t yet changed into her pj’s when she was attacked inside her home.

    The general consensus is that the real estate agent was alone when she found their bodies hanging on the railing by the pool.
    I believe this is true because if the Sherman’s had a full-time maid, she should’ve realized something was amiss on Thursday.

    Although no one heard from Barry or his wife since Wednesday evening, no one did a welfare check.

    As far as I know, the only “staff” that went to their home on Friday was the fitness trainer and real estate agent.
    The fitness trainer arrived shortly after the bodies were discovered by the real estate agent.
    I'm not sure if the real estate agent used the key that was in the drop box or she used her own.
    She entered their house just before noon on Friday.

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    Just to bring this lengthy article back into the mix.
    by Michael Friscolanti, Maclean's Magazine
    Feb 3 2018
    Judge greenlights lawsuit alleging Barry Sherman's company stole rival's trade secrets
    TORONTO, ON. (NEWS 1130) – A US judge has refused to throw out a sensational lawsuit that accuses Barry Sherman’s drug company of using sex, lies and USB flash drives to illegally acquire valuable trade secrets from a rival pharmaceutical firm.

    The ruling, released Tuesday, is the latest chapter in a bizarre legal saga that was thrust back into the spotlight last week amid news that Jeremy Desai — Sherman’s pick as president and CEO of Apotex Inc., and the man at the centre of the lawsuit — had suddenly resigned “to pursue other opportunities.” By chance, the company announced Desai’s abrupt departure just hours before Toronto police convened a press conference last Friday to reveal that Barry and Honey Sherman were indeed murdered, the victims of a “targeted” double homicide inside their north-end mansion.

    The unusual lawsuit was launched last July by the US division of Israel’s Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., the world’s largest generic drug-maker. Filed in Pennsylvania, the complaint alleges that Desai was involved in a “romantic relationship” with a senior Teva executive — a fellow Canadian named Barinder Sandhu — and that he induced his girlfriend to leak him highly sensitive Teva records, including “trade secrets and other confidential information.”
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    I agree that this was not a "hit". No way a hit would involve strangulation -- which is essentially hand-to-hand combat. Even if you surprise someone from behind strangulation is still very risky. A "hit" would be a gun with a silencer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clearskies1 View Post
    I agree that this was not a "hit". No way a hit would involve strangulation -- which is essentially hand-to-hand combat. Even if you surprise someone from behind strangulation is still very risky. A "hit" would be a gun with a silencer.

    Are you in Canada?? Of course a hit could involve ligature compression. It wasn't manual strangulation.


    Think of them walking into the pool room and being attacked from behind, garrotted and killed.

    They wouldn't see a thing, it would be quick......they might struggle but they cannot get out of it.

    A 'hit' can be any mode of killing.
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    ~ IMO

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