1.6 million cases of Randall Beans recalled for processing mistake


Fasten your seatbelts...
Mar 4, 2010
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Company expands recall of 1.6 million cases of beans from 22 states for processing mistake | Food Safety News

Randall Foods Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio has expanded its recall of certain jarred beans under the “Hurst’s” Brand because of manufacturing deviations that may pose a potential health risk. The recall already includes 1.6 million cases of glass jars.

“The manufacturing deviations included a nonfunctioning temperature indicating device raising the possibility that the product was not effectively processed,” according to the Cincinnati, OH, company’s recall notice posted by the Food and Drug Administration.

Processing at temperatures below a required temperature could create a condition that could lead to premature spoilage or food borne illness...

I haven't been able to find Randall beans in any local market for a couple of months and didn't know why. I always have a jar or two of Great Northern Beans in my pantry. I hope the beans are back in the fall.