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Jun 30, 2009
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Something about this guy really gives me the heebie jeebies...
Search warrant attachments no longer here?
Found it on the internet. I believe this was transcribed by "momtective".

"I am a detective with Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office and am currently assigned to the Investigations Division. On June 27th, 2009 at about 1:30 am Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Deputies responded to assist McCleary Police Department in locating a missing child named Lindsey Baum. Baum who was 10 years old was last seen on Maple Street near 6th Street in McCleary at about 9:30pm. She was last known to be wearing a blue long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, black shoes, and a mismatched bikini style swim suit. She was walking east on Maple Street from the Campen residence towards her residence on Momensen Road in McCleary. An extensive search was conducted over the next weeks by law enforcement, search and rescue volunteers, canine teams, and citizens.
Baum could not be located nor has any evidence been located. The incident became a criminal investigation concerning the apparent kidnapping of Baum. Located on Maple Street between 5th and 6th Street is Beehive Retirement Center. Baum is familiar with the center because her friend_________’s mother Libby Nelson works there. As part of the investigation employees and residents were interviewed about what they knew about Baum and her disappearance. Several of the staff and residents were familiar with Baum and her friend_____ because Baum walked by the retirement center to and from her friend Campen’s residence on Maple Street. None knew anything about her disappearance, nor had they seen her the night of June 26th, 2009. Not all of the employees were available to interview at the time the investigators were on site.

On 07-29-09 a concerned citizen named_________contacted investigators and wanted to report that a subject named Dale Golder worked at the Beehive retirement center. Sample said that Dale drove a small white car with loud exhaust. Sample said that Golder usually drove his car through town numerous times a day. He said that for several weeks after the Baum girl disappeared Golder wasn’t in town driving like he normally did. Sample found this suspicious. Sample identified another resident in McCleary who was familiar with Golder’s vehicle and driving habits.
Mantes was contacted and told investigators that Golder drove a small white sports car with loud exhaust. Mentes said Golder drove around town on a regular basis. He also told investigators that on the night of June 26th 2009 at about 10:00pm he saw a small white sports car with loud exhaust on Maple street in McCleary that he thought was Golder’s. He did not see who was driving the vehicle and thought nothing of it because seeing Golder driving around was normal. Golder is the registered owner of the white 1995 Honda Del Sol, Washington License______

One of the employees who was not working at the Center that night had been identified as Golder. He is an aide at the Center and is scheduled for various shifts as a “fill in.” Golder was on regularly scheduled days off on June 26th 2009 and June 27, 2009. Attempts were made to contact him on July 29, 2009 for a telephone interview to see if he had any information about Baum based on Mentes observation of what appeared to be his vehicle in McCleary on the night and at about the time Baum was last seen.

Tena Golder, Dale Golder’s mother told investigators he was asleep at the time the investigators called on July 29, 2009. She was asked to have him call an investigator when he woke up. His mother called about 30 minutes later and said that Dale had gotten up and left the residence in his vehicle. According to his mother, when she had told him that an investigator wanted a call he said he had nothing to tell the investigator because he was not working at the Retirement Center that night. His mother provided Dale’s cell phone number to the investigator.

The investigator telephoned him and Dale said he had not worked at the Center that day. When asked where he was on the evening of June 26, 2009 he said he was working at his second job at a youth camp near Olympia. The investigator contacted _____Supervisor at the youth camp. She stated that Golder was not working on the night of June 26, 2009. When asked if she was certain, she said she was because she had suspended Golder for two weeks prior to June 26, 2009 for misbehavior. She said she had been involved in a traffic collision and could not walk. She said while she was recuperating at home other employees in the camp kitchen telephoned her and complained that Golder was not doing his work and was being disruptive. She said she telephoned him and told him to go home for two weeks until she could return. She said she told him he needed to take that time to think about whatever he really wanted to work at the camp or not. She stated that she had sent Golder home for a shift at a time without pay in the past for misbehavior. Golder later confirmed that he had been suspended from June 7, 2008 through June 27, 2009. He returned to working at the camp on June 28, 2009.

On 07-31-09 just after Midnight Melissa Baum, the mother of the missing girl reported to police she was being followed around by a white vehicle. Officers stopped and found that Golder was driving it. He claimed he was at work when he saw Melissa’s Baum’s vehicle around the Beehive Retirement Center. He thought it was suspicious so he followed it around thinking it might be connected with Baum’s disappearance. He did not call police to report the suspicious vehicle.

Investigators interviewed a co-worker of Golder’s. She said that on two separate nights near the end of July, 2009 Golder told her that a Silver Honda Del Sol was cruising around the Beehive. Golder pointed it out to her one night and said he thought the occupants of the silver Honda were going to steel parts from his Del Sol.
Bryson claimed that Golder tried to get a license number but could not. She said the next night the vehicle was back and Golder left work to follow it. She said he told her that he called the police about it. He did not tell her he was following Melissa Baum or that the police stopped him.

While looking into Golder’s background it was discovered that in 2000 he was a suspect in the attempted rape of a child. The case was located under McCleary Police department case number 00MC0014. Golder was 14 years old at the time of the incident. It was determined that the victim of the assault was named ____________, she was 12 years old at the time. No reports of this incident appear to exist except a computer entry.
Investigators attempted to locate ____________. They first located her mother. Initially the mothe rsaid nothing like this ever happened involving her daughter. She was pressed and given details and she stated she didn’t believe anything had happened to her daughter. She said that when the police arrived to speak to her daughter her daughter told police nothing had happened.

Investigators then contacted_______________. She stated that in 2000 she and her two brothers were being babysat by Golder. She said her mother was good friends with Tena Golder. She said that while Golder watched pornographic videos and had her, her brothers and Dales younger brother watch the videos. He asked her to have sex with him and she refused. One day he took her to his room and barricaded the door with a large dresser. He removed her pants and the removed his pants and tried to have sexual intercourse with her. She said that she cried and struggled and after two hours he released her. She said she told friends about what happened whom she believed told school officials at Elma school district. It was reported to the police. Her mother found out about the incident. _______said her mother told her it would be her word against his and discouraged her from telling the police the truth. When the police officer spoke to her she said she told him nothing happened.

A search warrant for Golders cellular telephone records for a month prior and a month after June 26, 2009 was obtained. When the records were analyzed it was learned that Golder was texting and calling a number in eastern Washington repeatedly from about noon on 06-26-09 until 9:26pm. There was in excess of 50 contacts to this number that suddenly stopped at 9:26pm. ___________received a cellular call from a subject identified as ___________at 1:11am (06-27-09) that had a duration of 2 minutes. After that he did not make a call until 6:12am. This is contrary to the pattern of cell phone usage shown _______. He normally has frequent cell phone activity until at least midnight to 1:00am each day.

Investigators determined that the number he was calling and texting belonged to a Stephanie Calica, who resides in Ellenburg, WA. She was contacted and interviewed. They determined that Stephanie Calica knew Golder when she went to Elma High School. She moved to Michigan in 2002. She maintained contact with people in Elma including Dale via the internet. She said she moved back to Washington State at the end of May 2009 and let people know she had moved. She said that on 06-26-09 she decided to give Golder her telephone number. She said that they began to text and talk that day. She was asked why the contact stopped at 9:30pm. She said that it stopped because Golder went to work at 10:00pm. When asked she admitted that after that day she had lengthy conversations with Golder while he was at work at the retirement center. She said that Golder had talked to her the day after the girl was reported missing and that he was very concerned about something like this happening in his town. She said that when she spoke to him the day after this was reported (she believed it was Saturday or early Sunday 29/07-2009) Golder told her he could not believe that a girl had been taken and cut up and dismembered. It should be noted that the media and investigators did not believe Baum was the victim of a crime until the week following her disappearance (June 29 to July 3-4, 2009). It was initially believed she might be a run-away or had been injured and unable to get help. Stephani described Golder as being “over the top” and obsessively talking about Baum and what had happened to her; specifically that he believed she has been kidnapped and murdered. Stephanie said that he became less obsessed as July wore on. He then got very agitated about it again when he talked to the investigator about the case the end of July. Steph said that Dale was very upset that the investigators were talking to people about him and was obsessing about the girl. Detective Organ asked Stephanie when was the last time she actually saw Golder and she said it was the summer of 2002. She later told detectives that Golder had driven to Ellensburg on 07-16-09 and that she had to take him back to Elma because his car broke down. She said she stayed with him in MCCleary until 07-20-09

On 08-26-08 investigators saw ___________in McCleary and contacted him about this case. He was asked to relate everything he had done from the time he got up on 06-26-09. He wrote a brief paragraph about going to a neighbor’s house____________) next door and planting tomatoes and having a BBQ. He said he went home about 9:00pm to watch television, but “passed out” and woke up in the morning. He claimed that he had been home and had not been in the town of McCleary that night. He claimed not to know Lindsey Baum and had never seen her before.

Further investigation revealed that_____ resides in a shop on his property outside of the town of McCleary. He rents the house on the property to a subject named _______________. _____________as interviewed and it was learned that he planted his garden near a garden that Golder had planted. Both gardens are located between the house and the shop on the property. ____________________stated that he had planted his garden the last week of May or the first week of June. He said that Golder had planted his garden weeks before he did. When asked why he was sure of this he said it was because he and Golder had discussed the progress of their tomato plants. He said that his had developed into much better plants than Golder's, even though they were planted later. He said that until the evening of Wednesday August 26, 2009 or Thursday August 27, 2009 he had only seen Golder around the shop maybe once or twice all summer. He said that after those dates Golder sometimes--------------had been at Hardy’s residence talking to him almost every evening. The increased visits coincide with_____________being interviewed on 08-26-09. Ralke described ___________ as having some mental issues that may be due to alcohol and or drug abuse. He said he can be manipulated into believing things that did not occur.

Investigators interviewed ________________. He stated that he had a BBQ on 06-26-09. He said Golder and a woman named ___________had attended. Investigators believed she had been at ___________, on 06-26-09 when Golder was present. She agreed to meet with investigators in person for an interview.

I believe there is probable cause to believe Lindsey Baum has been kidnapped and that evidence of that crime as described on the face of this affidavit will be found on the premises and in the vehicles described on the face of this affidavit.

Based on the foregoing information, I respectfully request a search warrant be issued for the premises and in the vehicles listed on the face of this affidavit to search for evidence described on the face of this affidavit. I have read the foregoing, know the contents thereof and believe the same to be true.

In order to execute this warrant substantial planning will be required to coordinate special search equipment and personnel, such as ground penetrating radar, specially trained search dogs and forensic personnel which would include the use of FBI employees. Public release of this application and warrant may allow evidence to be destroyed, moved, or altered while the execution is organized and coordinated between various Washington and Federal law enforcement agencies. I am requesting that the application and warrants be sealed until it has been served and a return filed or more than 10 days have passed after issuance of the warrants."
Oops I posted the text of the affidavit for the search warrant here. The actual search warrant is save on Photobucket by AmandaReckonwith. There is a link in the main thread.
I'm confused though. The affidavit is dated 9/25 but the posts above of the actual search warrant are 8/11. So is this a different search warrant or the DG one?

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