2011.06.30 TRIAL Day Thirty-two (Afternoon Session)

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IJasonAlexander jason alexander
Casey is not taking the stand? Then how is this supposed to be a holiday weekend? Mine is officially ruined.
NOW they have an "expert"????? that can check? Yea, sure...lololol
Baez: "Salaried employees come and go."

What the H does that mean?

Their trying (DT) to sell that salaried employee's have no obligations and can be anywhere at anytime they please, BS, BS, BS! :rolleyes:
If they knew of this testimony, why didnt they already HAVE the documents way back when?
Mark NeJame - if you are by chance reading here (LOL!) - please tweet your opinion on whether or not HHJP will allow the Gentiva records in!!!
I think BillS was right. CA in a minor way, saved herself vs. further charges by using words like "if" and "may have" coupled with all of the medication she was taking...I doubt that the State will pursue the charges vs. her...though they totally could. After dealing with that family for three years...who knows how the State feels...
:boohoo::boohoo::boohoo:So, Jose doesn't want the jury think they put on false testimony. Too late, pal.
TECHNICALLY, under the Fair Labor Standards Act, salaried exempt employees should NOT keep a time card because it challanges their exempt status. If you would like to see proof of this I can provide it. However, not all companies follow to the letter of the law.

I do not keep track of the hours that I work, only the hours that I do not work. That is how UCF does it as well as the State of Florida.
Why are you asking him the same question judge...

GRRRR... Its like he is giving him a second chance at saying "NO"
getting very involved....thinking HHBP will let it in
Please kindly pass the bucket of sponges..... and the Pepto.

Is Cindy in the courtroom while they are talking about her lying? lol
LDB is right. Cindy is the one who brought up computer logins and passwords.
Is JB trying to pull one over on HHJP?
Was worried about these records until JP asks if the defense knew that's what she would testify.

JB - just because you're salaried doesn't mean you can come in and out whenever you want. You are still required to be there during your scheduled time and generally have to be granted permission from a supervisor. Now if you are self-employed you can come and go.....two different things!

Exactly! AND CA DID have access to Google at work!
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