2011.06.30 TRIAL Day Thirty-two (Afternoon Session)

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I love how NOW Baez worries about being punished. NOW. After THREE FREAKING YEARS of his carp, he worries NOW about punishment!!!!!!!!

Oh just shoot me!
God I love how Judge Perry doesn't let Baez tap dance his malarchy to the Court.

Her time cards clearly show she lied. March 14th, she had a PTO day. March 17-21 every single day she had overtime, which she testified that the employees weren't allowed to clock over 8 hours. All the time cards in discovery show overtime. She clearly lied and this needs to come in.

Unless she was committing time card fraud, which is a HUGE issue today. At my place of employment (I'm salaried), we have timecard audits and take training on timecard fraud. It is a big problem at my job. A lot of people fudge on their timecards for YEARS before they are caught.
So JB admitted he knew CA was going to lie on the stand.
I don't really agree with the whole "salaried employees can come & go".. EVERY salaried position that I've EVER had, there was always some sort of "time keeping", specifically for the determination of BENEFITS eligibilty..ie health ins, vac/sick time etc... most companies have a specified average amount of hours that are needed to continue to qualify for said benefits..
Is HHBP doing all this to have it on record for the appeals process?

Or is this matter really this complicated?

I know DT wants them out but.....
Is this a joke?
CA got on the stand and said that she was making a computer search...


Bring in the records. WTH is so difficult. This is what makes my blood boil!
Having all of Cindy's testimony stricken could bite the State too.
This is a real problem.

Nah, he is going to let them in. The defense knew she would say they were wrong and the SA didn't.

But I think HJJP is going after the defense, not CA, in his current line of questioning.
If they knew of this testimony, why didnt they already HAVE the documents way back when?


Why didn't the DT get her work computer records to back up the claims THEY KNEW Cindy was gonna make?

Because they would have had to turn them over to the State that's why. And they didn't want to.

Gotcha testimony - and now they are crying about it.
Their trying (DT) to sell that salaried employee's have no obligations and can be anywhere at anytime they please, BS, BS, BS! :rolleyes:

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act- that is EXACTLY what being a salaried exempt employee means! If you work even ONE DAY in a 40 hour week, you are required BY LAW to be paid for an entire weeks worth of work. As a salaried exempt employee, you are being paid for your knowledge- not your time. Hence the reason salaried exempt employees are EXEMPT from overtime.
does anybody know if the anthonys are currently in the courtroom while they are hashing this out?
Uh JB you aren't allowed to put a witness on that you know will be lying on the stand.
Can you imagine how the jury would feel if this DIDN'T come in, and they DIDN'T convict...then they found this out after the fact....

And that is the exact reason CM and JB are arguing so adamantly to keep this evidence and the rebuttal witnesses out of testimony. JB knows the chance of the jurors finding reasonable doubt is slim to none. They are trying to keep the chance at slim, instead of eliminating it altogether. JMO
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