2011.06.30 TRIAL Day Thirty-two (Morning Session)

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They have not formally rested the case yet. BS: Well, I think I have been wrong at least one other time in my life (lol) I just still feel she will not take the stand, either we are close to resting our case or some witness was not available yet.
Don't understand why Baez is trying to compare precious little Caylee to a pet. I love animals as much as the next person but dang! Really Baez???? :banghead:
I am just stunned !

I'm worried that's going to make the jury think the duct tape was on the bag and not her face :|
Very good point ...and RK moved the head and ...
but is JB really that ..hmmm ..not dim ?? know what I mean ?
I think they just didn't want to start with another witness 1/2 hour before lunch. I can't see JB resting on this but ya never know.
I really think they have NOT decided yet if she will or she won't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, they sure had a lot of pets who died...who's to say ICA had no hand in it...how so incredulous of Baez and ICA...for all this has to be coming from ICA....this appears to be dispicable, evil....

Hmmm...maybe ICA the psychopath was in fact, killing animals...lots of dead pets as you noted.

I was just about to say that! First, they torture and kill animals, then people, right?
All that testimony about the dogs just completely wiped out the Kronk theory.

Baez is such a funny character. He really just explained to the jury exactly why Casey wrapped this child up like she did. Wow.
Please. Far cry from putting some tape on the outside of a bag and putting tape on someone's FACE. I don't remember hearing that there was tape on the bag, it was on her face, am I correct?

Yes.. that is correct.
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