2011.07.03 TRIAL Day Thirty-four - DEFENSE (JB) CLOSING ARGUMENTS

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He could probably kick this up a notch by playing some circus music in the background
sounds like JB is trying to confuse the jury on reasonable doubt.

The child abuse charges have nothing to do with Caylee's life BEFORE her demise. Ignorance, ignorance...
I don't think it's a good idea for the Defense to say "*advertiser censored*" in closing arguments. The jury will remember the Defense thinks Casey is a *advertiser censored*.
:maddening: JB is SO off on his "child abuse theory"...IMHO, sometimes the child abuse is invisible UNTIL it has risen to the ultimate ABUSE.............Death of the child!:sick: :twocents: IMHO :innocent: & experience!:rocker:
Wonder how long JB will be able to talk about "nothing proven" since he can't use his unproven opening statement claims? :waitasec:
There's no evidence of child abuse? Oh really JB? Except for the DEAD BODY!!!
I may have to change to a live feed where I don't see ICA's face. I'm so done with watching her.
umm... I think it can be proven and you still have questions. Pretty sure that happens all the time.
Thats right Jose.... No expense spared for justice for a murdered baby!
Man I knew Jose's argument would be lame, but this lameness surpasses the lameness I had envisioned, and is even lamer than the lamest lame..
oh there just aren't words lame enough.:banghead:
Checkbook prosecution????

Interesting choice of words. And it followed "And that's as simple as it goes."
Can you believe he is actually.making.this.up.as.he.goes.along?

Wow. I am not impressed with Baez's closing statement so far. The state wasn't even trying to argue that Caylee was beaten or anything like that before she was killed, so what's the point?
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