2011.07.03 TRIAL Day Thirty-four - DEFENSE (JB) CLOSING ARGUMENTS

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so he is going to put his effort toward an aggravating factor rather than the crime
Oh my, first ones to hear about trainers and dogs? Oh my..

OOH painted lady again, is JB angry with KC?

Me thinks JB does not need to practice law, he has now called KC a *advertiser censored* twice to the jurors. Big issue.
We don't THINK she a liar Jose. We KNOW. Its been proven... Where have you been these last 3 years?
lying, no good *advertiser censored*.......Jose.....you are her attorney..........
A lying no good *advertiser censored*? oMG!!
JA never mentioned the tattoo :(

They didn't talk about chloroform either. I'm guessing Linda will discuss in rebuttal... I am quite sure that Ding Dong will bring up the chloroform in his closing.
If there's an abused child, people know it. - JB

That's just not true.

Well Caylee suffered the worst kind of abuse Death.

And not all abuse can be seen physically. Not always broken bones or bruises. JMO
He's gonna talk in circles for 4 hours and I have no doubt he will end up making this closing about HIM in some way, shape, or form.

He already is. He is saying I don't suck at what I do, the state had more resources.
This is like watching a bad 1950's Japanese movie because the words and the mouth are not in sync.

Casey's reaction to Casey was a good mom, Casey loved Caylee....


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Checkbook Prosecution???? The DT spend a H*ll of allot more....
:thud: He keeps calling her a lying, no good *advertiser censored*!
This man sounds just like my ex-husband when he was trying to convince me that I really did not see with my very own eyes that he was cheating on me.

This jury is not stupid, nor are they gullible.

They will see through his rhetoric and false inferences.

It's called "Gaslighting". Narcissists are great at it. ITA they're not that stupid.
I am bored already. And we have to listen to him or shut him off because he is going to go 3 times longer that Jeff Ashton.

I muted him before he even opened his mouth....I will read comments here...I don't want to get a TO so close to the end
Lying no good *advertiser censored*!!

What is he doing????
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