2011.07.03 TRIAL Day Thirty-four - DEFENSE (JB) CLOSING ARGUMENTS

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Yes, that something-not-wrong, something-not-right is Casey's personality, dude. That's it. It doesn't matter whether she was abused. There's something wrong with her, and she murdered her daughter.
Caylee's "early life" was her ONLY life, JB.
SOmeone needs to tell JB to stop calling his client a *advertiser censored*!!!!!
JB: "There's something wrong here."
Careful. You just reminded me of Cindy's words in the 911 call.
He called her a "*advertiser censored*" again. That's all I remember from this closing..OMG!
Did the SA paint ICA as a *advertiser censored*, etc, etc.. Or try to get the jury to hate her???

I don't think so. And I think the jury is going to be confused by those types of statements.
I don't think the State actually attacked ICA's character as much as Baez is carrying on about. They called her a liar. An impressive liar. Oh, and a murderer.

Never called her a *advertiser censored*, or really alluded to such. In fact, JA said nothing wrong with young people wanting to go out and party.
"She is a lying no good *advertiser censored*"

Jose finally got something correct !
She can't get that car to start..can she? Maybe the tears will flow..about "loving Caylee" time.
Doesn't JB realize that this tragedy would never have occurred if KC Anthony was
not who and what she is.
Lol! JA looks like he is trying not to laugh!
Is anyone laughing at JB? This is pathetic.
Where is that Monkey Hand from the Gong Show when you need it?

The gong show - the original one or the clown (no pun intended) and that alarm sound from late night at the apollo. I have repeatedly thought about both while JB has been speaking.
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