2011.07.07 Sentencing Hearing Thread

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Please, you guys. Don't get caught up in their lies and buy their books. Please don't!!!
Well Bill S thinks the Judge will max her out so we will see.

At this point I don't care either way.

I'm looking forward to the Judge Perry's comments and I think the motion by the State on recovering costs is just brilliant.
Good morning friends. My heart is heavy today, I "think" I have prepared myself emotionally for what will likely be the final nail in Caylee's coffin (or should I say laundry bag.)

I will see this sad story through to the end though. I will absolutely watch the inmate when she is likely given her freedom today. It sickens me, but I feel that turning it off at the worst part is like pretending this insane ending didn't really happen. I will remember the reading of the verdict for the rest of my life.

I thank websleuths for giving us a place to hurt together. I don't know if I could have made it through the last few days without such a place to share in. Strength and blessings to you all this day.
I agree. I so thought she would have done well in prison. Thats why i wanted her to get death! We have not heard the last of casey i suspect! Hope evryone sues her and makes her life miserable! moo

Life on the "outside" may not be a picnic, either. So many people hate her. As it stands, she can't even set foot outside without protection.
HLN sure is having trouble with their signal this morning. The image and audio are both very choppy. Robin Meade suggested the "tall buildings" are to blame, but this reminds me of the broadcast problems that happened during the OJ chase; so many different news outlets were transmitting signals that they all start interfering with each other.

We are supposed to have some MAJOR storms in the area today (Orlando) I hope the skies open up in anguish as the sentence is read... That would truly be poetic!!
Can't she be sentenced in absentia? And in reality she's already in New York for her appearances?
To me, this is sad.

Having to pass a law to report your child dead or missing!?


I know what you mean..but I think it is even sadder to not report your child missing for 31 days and walk out free..
Just want to mention, again, that unlike the bulk of the trial HLN is showing the the sentencing live for people out here in the southwest.
Hoping so much that she gets the max. I can't bare to watch the sentencing so I hope to hear good news from you all- that she won't be getting out today!
Mason is in the hallway outside of the courtroom.
HLN is showing some very angry protesters outside the courtroom right now. Pretty intense, but I can't tell how much they are posturing for camera time.
I took a self-imposed time out after the verdict but I am back today to see how HHJBP treats her in regards to sentencing.

I couldn't sleep Tuesday night thinking about the injustice of it all and I found a few thoughts comforting...

What can **I** personally glean from Caylee's death so that in some very small way her death was not in vain.

I would give my life for my own daughter and love her with every fiber of my being, but I hug her a little tighter and kiss her a little more often because of Caylee. I don't take for granted ANYTHING with my daughter, even the poopy diapers while she is rolling around on the changing table and getting poop everywhere! I just chuckle and remember that life is fleeting and holding on to every last moment, trying or joyous, is what it is all about.

I also thought about the way the WS'ers bonded together, challenged each other, supported each other and ultimately felt completely betrayed by this trial. It is amazing how a group of people in cyberspace can come together for a little angel we never met. The outpouring of anger and frustration at the verdict tells me that I should NOT lose faith in humanity.

My last thought was that the SA's office sent a VERY clear message to the residents in their jurisdiction - if you harm a child we will spare no expense, seek out any and EVERY resource available to us in order to bring justice to those who can no longer speak for themselves.

I did nod off Tuesday night but not before I stood in my daughter's doorway and watched her sleep for a while then snuck in a few kisses - and one was for Caylee....

I'm not even mad at the defense anymore. I just can't stomach what these jurors did.
The mood looks scary outside the courthouse. People already fired up.
Please, you guys. Don't get caught up in their lies and buy their books. Please don't!!!

Yeah Don't Buy it it will come out in a torrent soon enough and then you can get it for free
I think that in addition to Caylee's law they should have another law that says jurors cannot profit off of the case they deliberated in.
I just don't understand. If they found her guilty of lying and not reporting her child missing how did they not find her guilty of child neglect. I hope HHJP can find something to sentence her for that. Still wishfull thinking.
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