Aggravated waiting for the aggravation phase #6

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That's right I forgot :blushing:, but technically I think Baez is till waiting on that check... I hope her bankruptcy is denied :denied:

I bet he is, lol but I do think he got some money, from tv show her parents did or something.. (Sorry can't remember) Plus I think he was all about the publicity from the case. Thinking the defense team is in this case might be thinking "dam, why did we get stuck with it."
Wait a minute now - Tomorrow is Wednesday in our country. It is trash day here where I live...I already lost a day last week because of this trial.....
Yes, Wednesday is tomorrow, and also trash day here, and tomorrow Juan will take the garbage out (aggravation). Thursday ja will take the stand imho, and try to save what little of her worthless self she can (mitigating)
OK,,,Please help me out!!! Tomorrow is aggravation only. Thursday is mitigation only. Then it all goes directly to the jury for sentencing......
Is this right?
Maybe JW is no longer her attorney, and she is going to speak for her???
Strange things keep happening in this never know!

Seriously, would it be legal for JW to withdraw as her lawyer and speak for her?


:seeya: Interesting question, fabvab! Have you posted it on the Legal Q & A thread?
That won't win her any points with the jury, but it just might get her that ultimate freedom she is longing for. Scribbling would be total disregard for anything the Alexanders have to say. Not that she cares. I want her to face the music with her facing them. I hope she is forced to do just that.

I hope they drag her in, strap her down, and give her this "Clockwork Orange" treatment:
I am going to get some sleep, I hope. I am looking forward to tomorrow, especially since I have a friend, a trial watching buddy coming to watch with me. So, I will have real company along with my WS company. We will be yelling at the TV together and hopefully giving some high 5's. Good Nite...Rest Well

Perhaps some enterprising young reporter can get her to do a demonstration for the cameras in the future :)

And if she's shackled, she'll have to bounce into the courtroom. Like a kangaroo.

GUYS: Someone on another blog reminded me how tortuous the ME testimony is going to be for the family and it also reminded me how we (or at least me, personally) tend to let the thought of Travis' family float to the back of our brains to be replaced by my fascination with this creature. I just now let myself think of how I'd feel if Jim were the one cut to pieces and I have to hear about it and look at him over and over again. This must be pure torture. It's times like this that I'm grateful people have their community (even if it is a church) to surround them with love and support. This is just such a tragic case. All because some slightly neglectful parents didn't see themselves, then didn't listen to Stabby's chums, that the gollum was developing right before their eyes. (no offense to Gollum) I've said it before and I'll say it again, The Jodi Arias Case will be a learning experience to the psychological community for years to come. I'd love to listen to Dr. DeMarte discuss this, but she probably can't. Maybe she'll write a book. Jodi Arias' psychoses would fill one. But I drone on. Sorry.
Me too. But nothing beat the rush of the fresh purple mimeo sniff.

Me too, lauraoh -- we have already acknowledged -- either here in print or in our own minds -- that we are Baby Boomers, thus not the youngest ones on here!

Just think how many peeps on this board or so many others here in WS are thinking, "WTH is a mimeograph machine?!" :floorlaugh:

Their loss, huh?!
I am going to get some sleep, I hope. I am looking forward to tomorrow, especially since I have a friend, a trial watching buddy coming to watch with me. So, I will have real company along with my WS company. We will be yelling at the TV together and hopefully giving some high 5's. Good Nite...Rest Well
Doesn't get any better than that. nite
Hi WS Friends!

I'm out of the loop, sorry! Trying desperately to catch up.

I know tomorrow is aggravation. So is Thursday mitigation, then it goes to the jury for sentencing? right or wrong??????

Not the way this trial is going. Tomorrow is supposed to be aggravation, provided Drama Queen doesn't pull some stunt out of her *** again. Then I believe the jury is going to deliberate and render a verdict on whether the crime meets the definition of cruel...I think I read yesterday on here that in Wendy Ariano case it took the jury 4 hrs to decide, but it had only taken them like 2 hrs. (or some reports 15 min??) to decide the guilty verdict on MUrder 1. And this jury is very thorough so I can see them taking a few hours to decide.

So let's see...then probably the defense will need a couple of days to pull witnesses together, so they'll make up some excuse to JSS to get a delay, or maybe Jodi will come to the rescue with her migraine. I'm thinking it will take the defense 2 full days to get ready, on top of this whole week they've had. Then in the Wendy case it said the defense was doing mitigation for 6 days...6 days!! OMG. So let's say double that time 'cause Nurmi and Wilmott like to drag everything out. Then goes back to the jury, I'm guessing it will take a good 3 days for them to decide.

What are we up to now? By my count that's almost 20 days? That's what I'm guessing.
OT...but this reminded me of myself the other day...I had to wait for 5 cars to go thru an intersection and I said outloud: "good lord wtf is with the traffic!!?!?" RURAL ROAD RAGE:floorlaugh: :scared:

(We have one stoplight in our whole town :floorlaugh:

We have one stoplight in our whole county---678 square miles. Yah traffic is not a problem.

Is it over? Jodi getting DP? or LWOP?

"Troy Hayden | Twitter

My sources tell me the aggravation phase of #JodiArias trial could be totally finished, including jury decision, tomorrow."
I'm watching it now .. see what you mean, it's a portrait of Jodi.


Thank for putting that video up.

The last thing she does is go to bed, and the man turned into a woman, maybe Donavan.

It is so strange she has no girlfriends, real girlfriends, just convicted felons.

Has everyone hated her, even childhood friends.

Very telling there.
I miss those machines. lol

I think my first high was in typing class when I sniffed white out. Then they came up with these newfangled computer thingies and I don't need to use it anymore! Sniff, sniff....

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