AL AL - Marbury, WhtFemale Skeletal, UP51903, 35-50, found in root cellar, Mar'86

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    General Information

    Date of Discovery -

    Location of Discovery - Marbury, Autauga County, Alabama

    Estimated Date of Death - Prior to 1983

    State of Remains - Not recognizable - Near complete or complete skeleton

    Cause of Death - Homicide

    Physical Description

    Estimated Age - 35 - 50

    Race - White / Caucasian

    Gender - Female

    Height - 5'2 to 5'6, Estimated (1986 Anthropology Report specifies as 5'4)

    Weight - 110 - 150, Estimated (1986 Anthropology Report specifies as 125 Pounds)

    Hair Color - Brown (short, slightly curled in style)

    Eye Color - Unknown or Missing

    Distinguishing Marks / Features - The victim wore a partial upper dental plate containing seven teeth. The victim was also missing the four lower front teeth, but no second implant was located to determine as to whether to the victim wore a lower dental plate.

    Clothing and Personal Items

    Clothing - Found wearing mesh tank top with fake stones on top.

    Jewelry - Unknown

    Additional Personal Items - Wrapped in a comforter, no description provided.

    Circumstances of Discovery

    Children attending a birthday party at a rural farmhouse near Marbury discovered the victim's remains in a root cellar on the property. The victim, who had been placed in a corner of the cellar and wrapped in a comforter, had been shot three times in the head.

    Investigators believe that the victim had been murdered and placed at the site prior to 1983, but despite the creation of a reconstruction and numerous attempts to solve the case by local authorities, the identity of the woman remains unknown.
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    This description appears to match rather well:

    Missing Person Case

    The JD's estimated time of death compared to this disappearance is not perfect, but does not seem impossible. The fact that Barbara's car was never found also suggests she was a victim of foul play. Dentals are on file.

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