GUILTY AL - Sanford Ledbetter, 54, beaten to death, Foley, May 2005

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    Police check reports of missing people to ID bones

    FOLEY -- Police are checking missing persons reports in Baldwin and surrounding areas in an effort to determine the identity of skeletal remains found Friday between Foley and Elberta, officials said Tuesday.

    The bones were found near the M&M Mud Bog arena at the end of Prochazka Lane. The site is in the northeast corner of the Foley police jurisdiction, according to a statement issued by Foley police. Police suspect foul play, according to a statement released by Foley authorities.

    Police in Foley and Elberta said Tuesday that they have not been able to confirm the identity of the body. Elberta Police Chief Gary Peaden said investigators are checking to determine if the bones are those of Sanford Lee Ledbetter, 54, a former Elberta resident who was last seen in Magnolia Springs in May.

    "We're thinking it might be Sandy Ledbetter, but we won't know for sure until forensics comes back," Peaden said Tuesday.
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