AL AL - Susan Osborne, 42, & Evan Chartrand, 15, Elmore County, May 2017

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    Evan Eric Chartrand, 15, and his mother, Susan Osborne, were last seen in Elmore County’s Holtville on May 29, 2017. They lived on Waterview Lane near Highway 111 with her second husband of four years, Jerry Marshall Osborne. They have never been heard from again. Susan Osborne’s family lived out of state and, after two months without being able to contact the pair, they reported them missing on July 29. She had never gone more than a day or two before with calling or texting them. When the police went to the house to investigate the disappearances, her husband told them that his wife had decided to leave him, and a man had picked her up, according to The Charley Project. The next day, he said, the man returned to the house and removed furniture and other belongings. Susan’s car was left behind, however. Evan was supposed to start his sophomore year at Holtville High School in the fall. The two cases remain unsolved and foul play is suspected.

    Gone without a trace? Misery, mystery linger in these Alabama missing child cases

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