VA Allyson Kathleen Dalton (2 months) - Strasburg VA, 1998

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    Allyson Kathleen Dalton

    Non-Family Abduction -- Missing Since: July 27, 1998

    Missing From: Strasburg, Virginia

    Height: 20" -- Weight: 8 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Blue

    Allyson was last seen at approximately 7:45 am on July 27, 1998 at her mother's apartment in Strasburg, Virginia. She was with her mother, Sylena Jo Dalton. At 2:25 pm, a co-worker found Sylena stabbed to death at her apartment. Allyson and several of her baby bottles were missing. She is presumed to have been abducted by the murderer(s). Authorities believe Selena was killed between 9:15 and 10:30 am. Her neighbors stated they did not hear screams or any disturbances that morning. No murder weapon was found.

    In 2000, Sylena's mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Sylena's former boyfriend, Daniel Pompell, alleging he murdered her. Authorities did search his home after the murder, but he has faced no criminal charges. He has cooperated with the investigation. Sylena had named him as Allyson's father, and was seeking child support from him at the time of her murder.

    Authorities made a plea for tips from the public in the case in 2005. But Sylena's murder and Allyson's abduction remain unsolved.


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