Found Deceased AMBER Alert issued for 11-year-old Livingston, TX Girl - Audrii Cunningham

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I hope any other victims of Mcdougal come forward. Old or young. This knowledge will help in looking at his progression and give even more substance to potential reporting requirement changes at the legislature.

I hope this guy is studied and we learn from him to prevent this from happening again.
I'm happy about this. There was no question she was dead, and recovering her body was the best we could hope for. Hopefully there's still a chance to recover genetic evidence that can be the final nail in this guy's coffin (not that I think it's necessary).
I agree. Maybe not "happy" but I know what you mean. This could go cold case easily otherwise.
I wonder if he never placed her in the water, but rather, drove into the grassy area toward the train bridge where they seem to have the police tape set up.

From this Google Maps Street View, you could easily drive right off highway 59 into the shoulder and then into the brushy area to the right, aiming for the train bridge and the Trinity River, but stopping short of the water. If it was dark, no one may even have noticed. Just a theory, assuming they've found her under/around that bridge. But maybe they've only located some evidence there.


Very sad. These child predators do it over and over again IMO. Those are the first people LE looks at in cases of abducted children after the parents are ruled out. The rehabilitation rate is atrocious at like 12%.

Poor little girl. you did not deserve this.
Poor baby, I hope you didn't suffer very much. Rest in peace.
Such potential lost, an entire lifetime taken away so soon. For what? How he could ever believe he wouldn't be caught almost immediately? I just don't understand why this keeps happening over and over.
The most innocent of us taken so violently by the most evil. FOR WHAT???
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