Angela Steinfurth, Alford Plea, murdered her daughter, Elaina Approx. parole 2028

Discussion in 'Citizens Against Pedophiles Early Release (CAPER)' started by Salem, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Angela Steinfurth threw her daughter across a room, causing the 18 month old to bleed from her eyes and nose, so that Angela could have sex with Stephen King, her boyfriend. King then held his hand over baby Elaina's nose and mouth, taking her life.

    AS took an Alford Plea - never accepting responsibility in Elaina's death and attempted to interfere with the investigation. All the while, Elaina's daddy kept looking for her.

    AS got 18 to life. Given the way our system works, she will probably start applying for parole in 15 years. AS needs to do the full life sentence. That is what she gave Elaina.

    The details start here:

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