Aruba - Natalee Holloway, 18, Oranjestad, 30 May 2005 #2

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    I guess this would be the right thread to post this.

    Another 18 years behind Peruvian bars for Dutchman Joran van Der Sloot for drug smuggling

    Feb. 13, 2021

    Peruvian prosecutors are demanding a prison sentence of 18 years and four months against Joran van der Sloot for drug smuggling, local media report on Friday. The Dutchman has been detained in the South American country for murder since 2010.

    Peruvian media report that Van der Sloot is seen as the coordinator of drug smuggling to the prison in the southeast of Peru, where he is serving his prison sentence.

    Van der Sloot, along with his girlfriend Eva Pacohuanaco and accomplices, is said to have smuggled nearly 300 grams of cocaine and 140 grams of marijuana into the prison in Juliaca.

    Pacohuanaco brought Van der Sloot food in August, including nineteen red beets. The drugs turned out to be in those vegetables. Pacohuanaco says she was not aware of this, but prosecutors are also demanding 18 years in prison for her for drug trafficking.

    The same sentence was demanded against three fellow prisoners of Van der Sloot. The prosecution demanded 14 years in prison for Pacohuanaco's brother for his role in the smuggling case.
    Van der Sloot is serving a 28-year prison sentence in Peru for the murder of 21-year-old Stephany Flores Ramírez in 2010. He was convicted in 2012.
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    More time in prison for J? I hope so. IMO.
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    Geezus! I was shocked just now to see Natalee's name pop up as the topmost post here on WS so had to check out the newest posts. Unbelievable. And doesn't he have a child with a woman post-incarceration?
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    Yes, true and disgusting. Why are murderers anywhere permitted conjugal visits? Why?!

    Apparently LE relocated his pathetic arse to very high & remote prison. Hopefully he’ll get the 18 years for drug charge & then extradited to USA for fraud & extortion of Natalie’s mom. Hopefully he’ll never see freedom again.

    Side note, I wonder… if he’s imprisoned here in USA, can his “wife” & “daughter” get green cards or a path to residency? Curious. Hoping not. He deserves no support system ever imo.
    Joran Van Der Sloot Becomes A Dad Behind Bars

    Imprisoned Dutch killer van der Sloot now a father
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