Australia - Dad charged, twins he's suspected of abusing may be sent to Thailand

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    'Twin children born from a surrogacy arrangement in Thailand are at the centre of child-abuse allegations levelled against their Australian father.

    The man, aged in his 50s, has reportedly been charged with 10 counts of indecently dealing with the two children, along with child-pornography offences. He will reportedly face trial in NSW in December.'

    The abuse is alleged to have happened when the children were aged four or five, when the father (who is divorced from the mother) had sole care of them while the mother was in hospital. Charges were filed last year and he is currently on bail. None of the family have been named.

    In a shocking twist, the original Thai surrogate/biological mother, (her eggs were also used) Siriwan Nitichad, has been asked if she's willing to retake custody of the babies that she gave up when they were five months old. But there are concerns how the twins would cope. They speak no Thai and regard Australia as their only home.

    The twins are in the custody of their Australian mother at present.
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