Australia - Director of CPS charged for domestic violence

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    "The director general of Family and Community Services, Jim Moore, left his job permanently on Monday after being charged with domestic violence offences.

    The department deals with victims of domestic violence and child protection services."

    Speechless.... but it just about sums up how pathetic DOCS (our CPS here in Australia) really is.

    Pru Goward named Moore's successor and then said "I will not be commenting further".

    Because. PRU -- the people your massively corrupt and ineffective department are "supposed" to serve do not freakin' deserve a comment, right?


    Probably best I just quit typing right there.
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    "Jim’s 28 year career in Commonwealth and NSW Governments, as well as his strong record in successfully delivering reforms to improve the lives of vulnerable people makes him an excellent choice," Ms Goward said.

    The government press release announcing his appointment as Director General of Family and Community Services.

    A one-day hearing has been set down for the Downing Centre in Sydney on August 27
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