Australia - Four suspected murders linked by SA Police - criminal and drug links

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    Four suspected murders linked by SA police probing criminal links and drug dealings

    Updated Tue Dec 06 08:48:22 EST 2016
    Posted Tue Dec 06 08:08:33 EST 2016

    'Four suspected murders during the 1990s have been linked by South Australian police as they probe a number of criminal associations and drug dealings.

    Major Crime Investigation Branch officers have concluded the disappearances and suspected murders of Leo Daly, David McWilliams, Robert Pendergast and Juan Morgan appear to be connected.

    They said Juan was 15 when he disappeared in early 1992 and they believed the teenager was taken to a location, possibly in the east of regional South Australia, and shot dead, then his body buried.'

    'Of two suspects being linked to his death, one was also thought to be involved in the disappearances and suspected murders of three other victims, Mr Daly, Mr McWilliams and Mr Pendergast, police said.

    Mr Daly, 33, was last seen alive in April 1998 and police said he had drug debts.

    They said they thought he was assaulted by criminal associates at a house at Mitchell Park in Adelaide, then shot and thrown overboard at sea.

    In late July 1998, Mr McWilliams, 39, was shot and buried, possibly also in the east of regional South Australia, police said.'

    'A drug debt is also thought to be behind Mr Pendergast's killing in 1999.'

    'The cases are being investigated as part of Operation Persist, the cold case campaign by SA Police.'
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