GUILTY Australia - Girls assault blind man on bus, Gold Coast, 2014

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    Two women accused of Gold Coast bus attack on elderly vision-impaired man charged — one released on bail

    Blind victim was 'rude': bus attack girl's dad

    Onya Dad, keep enabling your charming daughter ..

    And this:

    A teenage girl who robbed a Surfers Paradise convenience store used the money to pay for a night in a luxury hotel

    Yep, same girl:

    A KNIFE-wielding teenage girl robbed a Surfers Paradise store just to fund a night in a luxury high rise hotel, a court has been told.

    Layni Cameron, 17, stayed just one night at the Meriton Apartments in Broadbeach but soon found herself spending a less comfortable night in the Southport Watchhouse.

    Parents must be so proud ..

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