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Oct 29, 2012
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This is an intriguing case which is just starting to gain some traction due to her daughter's relentless efforts.

Here is the facebook page:

Missing Person Marion Barter

...and a just released podcast 'The Lady Vanishes'

Left Behind | The Lady Vanishes on acast


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Coroner calls in expert: was Ric Blum's lover Marion Barter poisoned? | The Australian

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Happy New Year!

Just going back over the info we know about RC over the yrs here - all the past research can be found by doing a search

Condensed version -
Robert Coppenolle
Born 10 June 1916 - Boroughbridge, West Riding Yorkshire - ONLY sibling of Maria C born in the UK
Death 1963 - Belgium

1 son - mother of child ???
1 stepdaughter - RC married a divorced Italian woman after the war and resided in Froyennes - her first husband was interesting - Journalist, Head of Immigration Bureau for Palestine (Trieste, Italy)

1938 Accident - Spinal fracture - leg paralysis atrophy
Invalid - ( may explain his documented height )

Political prisoner for 5 years in Buchenwald.

Arrest Date 19 Feb 1944 - UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE WORKER - (About 4 yrs after AH is born)

Transported May 8, 1944 to Buchenwald

Assigned 24 May 1944

His fiancée had also been arrested and interned in Ravensbrück concentration camp, but she died 11 days before the camp was liberated. ( couldn't have been engaged for 5 yrs surely?? - AH born 1939 - IMO not his mother)

20 April 1945 - liberated by the US Army

Address at the time he was arrested: Blandain Pr Hennegau, Place 21 - Tournai

Address he gives at time of release: : Près de Passy Froyennes - ( was he one of the Belgian Brothers of Saint-Luc ?? If so, could it be here that he intends to go to after release> Historique - Institut Saint-Luc tournai ) - if so was this the boarding school AH went to ) - he did not go to any orphanage

Image attached from link:

May 1940 Tournai is bombed (Maria and her leg amputation)
and the premises of the’ecole Saint-Luc are for the most part destroyed. Only the typography and’ cabinetmaking workshops will be spared.

The post-war’ sees a Saint-Luc broken up in premises scattered in the city (floor of Lille, rue du Chambge, rue Frinoise, boulevard Leopold). The Combes n’ laws are no longer in force in France, so it’ is naturally that the Brothers of Passy return. An agreement was concluded between the Brothers of the Christian Schools and Saint-Luc and in 1960, the move was made to allow the’institut Saint-Luc to return to’install in the’immense building located in Froyennes.

In 1958, Brother Maxime Rossion opened a new upper section of dissemination and public relations techniques, the embryo of what will be the’ Institute of High Studies of social communications.

AH: "ye olde Passy"

All makes sense to me.

SIDENOTE* ( AH poses as her godson to get free dental work for his 2 Aust kids) - WHY? WHY choose this woman with such a high profile to do such a blatant thing. Did he want to show her that he could do what he liked and she would never say anything or report him???? )

( HE looks just like HER IMO )
An interesting woman in town is CdeH former underground leader in Belgium

He is not the son of MC and DD - JMO
IMO he was placed within this family, paid off perhaps? Looked after with his education and had a family of aunts / uncles and cousins that he grew up with.

I agree with @Lord Peter Flimsy , Hungarian he knows well.

20 04 1949 Le Soir paper
Convicted crook
Robert Coppenolle, domiciled in
Ramegnies-Chin, was sentenced
to one year in prison and 700 fr.
fine for fraud
embezzled a sum of 20.000
franc, to the detriment of Mrs. Elvire

All crooks



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Found more on RC and his mates from the camp.

Hirte, R. (1999), “Excavations in Buchenwald: historical archaeology and culture of remembrance.”

July, 1937, the concentration camp Buchenwald was built near the city of Weimar - Central Germany

AH - "MC picked me up from the orphanage and we went to live in Germany"

Material traces of National Socialist terror to an archeology of contemporary history

By Reinhard Bernbeck · 2017

Ronald Hirte traces four numbers that were hand-carved into an aluminum bowl found in the Buchenwald concentration camp to their owners:

"It is likely that the bowl itself was owned and used by the people in sequence".

Prisoner number 2560 refers to the Polish Tadeusz Sanaszek - see image
Janaszek;, Tadeusz;, member of labor service motor pool
Incredible story of how they smuggled ammunition in and out of countries

Prisoner number 13436 refers to an unnamed person of Soviet origin - a few names on AA

Prisoner number 44709 indicates the Frenchman Jean Bourau was deported on the same transport as Jorge Semprun

Real Name: see image
Jean Baptiste Bourau-Glisia
Born 1904 - Pyrénées-Atlantiques France
Death 1988 - Pyrénées-Atlantiques France

((EXACT same place DCOD dies in 1972
AH sitting in Prison in France from 1971

Jorge Semprun - PRISONER - 44904
See Image

Finally, Prisoner number 54085 stands for the Belgian Robert Coppenolle. See Image


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So the BOE states GG-B knew of another victim, now passed away that was not, as far as I know, mentioned at the Inquest.

Would be interesting to know who this was and do they have surviving relatives? Is there a Police report for this victim?

Every victim’s story, even told by relatives or friends, is vital in my view.
For those that missed this on TLV

Written January 1984 in the Burwash Parish Newsletter when they lived there for 1 or 2 yrs.

Time to get D deH on the stand

Anyone who thinks she knows nothing is dreaming.

How many names

How many women

How many scams for money

How many lies has this family told to others

How many more innocent people

How much longer before the police do their job!!


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Oh, she considers herself clever.

Two peas in a pod.
And her husband that God fearing pillar of society or by Sunday each week was he off back to mainland Europe in his van doing who knows what? Perhaps they could have made the £2000 contribution to the church for the loud speaker system using his ill gotten gains?
His Victim CL

Aside from $100, 000 euros in cash she had given to him for their "new house in Bali" - which he possibly deposited into a Dutch bank account in Amsterdam and the $ 2800 euros for TWO upgraded plane tickets to get them there,
he also stole:

White Gold ring with 13 diamonds - $6000 euros
Various sets of diamond earrings - $3000 euros
Engagement and Wedding Rings
Gold Chevalier ring
Belgium stamp collection
All estimated to be about $25 000 in total

So all in all, a tidy $125,000 Euro windfall for him from another victim after a few days work, a victim that he was related to through marriage.

She also had to use her name to purchase Ancient Greek and Roman coins he ordered via postal courier and she collected.
He had the cash to pay for these - it was some of her money that she had given him for the 'new house in Bali"

"... a man who preys on human vulnerability for his own gain without remorse"

Sums him up perfectly I reckon.

What I find interesting is it seems like he calls Diane each time he has made a 'hit' with a victim - so far he calls home each time he is with his prey - interesting.

What are his current Australian adult children and wife doing about it all now that the world knows he is a criminal ????
Have they finally sat down with the NSW police and told all ??- after all their inheritance is surely gone now one would imagine.

IK AND WW incoming Passenger Cards MAY 1969 from NAA
Her married / him never married
As we have seen before

ER : .... have the couples travel records when they arrived separately into Aust. Both stating each other as spouses. Sept 11 and Sept 18 1969.....

So did they use aliases to leave and re enter Aust between May and Sept 1969 ?

WHY are they flying in and out of Aust within months ?
What were they up to?
IK is pregnant with ER

And WHY are there so many discrepancies between TLV podcast / book and the MB FB page????!!!
Isn't this case twisted enough ???


  • 2. Aust passenger card entry  24 May 1969.jpeg
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For those that missed this on TLV

Written January 1984 in the Burwash Parish Newsletter when they lived there for 1 or 2 yrs.

Time to get D deH on the stand

Anyone who thinks she knows nothing is dreaming.

How many names

How many women

How many scams for money

How many lies has this family told to others

How many more innocent people

How much longer before the police do their job!!

I think this name is likely to just be a typo. The person copy typing the letter from the handwritten original was probably not familiar with the spelling of the surname and typed what they saw.

The address ‘Burwash Place’ is new I think?

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