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    - 23:07 he exited CM
    - 23:08 he stops briefly in Kingsley
    - 23:08 ->11:13 walks to the end of Tennyson
    - 23:13 stops for 7 minutes
    - 23:21 left the slab at the end of Tennyson (went to the intersection of Cowper St/Carlyle St and then backtracks to Marvell St) and went to Massinger Street at 6km/hr
    - then walked up hill from Massinger Str, to Milne St. at 4,5 km/hr
    - 23: 30 reaches Milne Str.
    - then enters Milne track and reaches T-junction in 5 minutes at 7,5km/hr
    - stops at T junction for a minute and searches WU hostel
    - then walks for 8 minutes at a little more than 4 km/hr
    - steers around Tommy's invisible camp site
    - location where Theo's cap was found = between Tommy's camp site and the beach
    - 23:48 reaches the beach through a tiny path at a gully with an abandoned camp site
    - Theo looks up WU again and walks for 8 minutes to CC at 6km/hr
    - 23:56 (+/-) walks up hill and stops for 5,5 minutes in a hidden clearing at about 20m from the sand
    - 00:03 Theo / Theo's phone goes back to the beach in less than 2 minutes
    - 00:05 GPS tracing stops
    - but the phone continued sending signals till the afternoon of June 1st
    - 00:20 sends Messenger message to friend Lou in French about U2 Tour: ugh, in September or something?'
    - 00:23 watches YouTube Burger quiz for 1 minute and 50 seconds
    - 00:55 sends WA message
    - 00:56 ping location point “near town”
    - 00:56 sends WA message to stepsister in Belgium of a kiss emoji and 'merci'
    - 01:01 Theo's phone zoomed in on the location of his hostel on GM, the phone GPS appears to have still been off because the location of the phone was not recorded
    - +/- 02:00 - +/- 06:00 phone in 'sleep' mode – drop in phone signal from 02:00-04:00
    - +/- 04:00 moon rises and there is moonlight
    - +/- 06:00 phone exits 'sleep' mode (what triggered this?)
    - 13:42 of June 1st, last ping, originating from Cape Byron, not from CC
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    60 degree tower angle


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