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Mar 15, 2013
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When Jack Culolias went missing after a night of drinking on November 30, 2012 they searched Tempe Town Lake and used SONAR and dogs and all kinds of stuff and decided he wasn't in there despite that one red shoe floating on top of the water. Then, weeks later, up pops Jack.

"A Maricopa County Sheriff's Office helicopter was brought in, as were K-9 units specifically trained to find humans, a robot with sonar that could find objects underwater, and investigators on the ground, but they didn't find any physical clues.

Although it seems strange that the body would be found after what seemed to be a very thorough search, there is a likely answer, albeit a morbid one."

(more at link)

I'm not convinced she isn't in the lake.

Unfortunately, I agree with you on the lake.

But! We saw recently in Ohio 3 women were held captive for years after being presumed missing/dead.

I still hold out hope that maybe if there is no visible sign of struggle around the area she disappeared (no blood on ground anywhere she walled that night that we know of and no signs of foul play/struggle on her car) that maybe she is still alive and being held in someone's home.

True the cops can go door to door and ask for cooperation, but they cannot forcibly search any homes without a warrant. Of course, citizens who want to help will most likely let the cops in the search their home and the people who deny police access could become persons of interest as they did not want to aid the investigation.

She could be in someone's house. I'm praying that is what's going on.


Jun 26, 2013
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Ok guys I've pinged the exact amount of time it takes to drive from Rio Salado to w brown and Roosevelt, amount of time it takes to walk from w brown and Roosevelt to area of AS apartment, and how long it takes to walk from AS apartment to the AM PM.

View attachment 35369

It would take 1 minute driving the speed limit in a proper working vehicle to drive from rio Salado pkwy to west brown and Roosevelt. If her car was dragging and going under the speed limit, it may have taken her a few minutes longer to get from rio Salado pkwy to west brown and Roosevelt.


It is a 5 minute walk from the area AS dropped her car on W brown and Roosevelt to AS apartment complex.


It is a 7 minute walk from the area of AS apartment to the AM PM (I changed the ping area from original version to coincide with entire timeline and be more cohesive)

View attachment 35372

And w 7th street is exactly 1 minute north of the AM PM. (the last call Adrienne had was at 5:05 am with cab telling him she would be to the am pm in 1 minute. If that's true and she was 1 minute away, w 7th and hardy is your best bet for the area she was grabbed.

I do agree that I think someone in a car grabbed her. Sad to say I think they stalked her down west 5th during her 5 minute walk. She may have detoured to the apartment to get off 5th street and away from the person driving on 5th paying a little too much attention to her.

So when she went down hardy, that stalker in the car on 5th street could have followed west and then trailed behind her as she was going S on Hardy, and when she reached Hardy and 7th, they took a hard left and grabbed her mid intersection and threw her in the car heading east on 7th.

IMHO and theory.

other than me thinking she didnt head from crash straight down 5th but prob detoured up mitchell/brown curve earlier, as i biked on my last trip actually (where i noted the black pants...) this is very interesting conjecture and while none of us can say its 'right' it makes sense to me, at least


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Feb 12, 2005
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