Deceased/Not Found Bahamas - Cameron Robbins, 18, Louisiana teen jumped overboard from sunset cruise, Nassau, 25 May 2023 *Graphic*

The video I saw shows a shark come up, grab him, he screamed, then he was pulled under. Horrifying. Wish I hadn’t watched it.
Is this a different video than the highly-circulated one? The common one shows the focus going away from him to the float a couple of times, then ends, and you can’t see him at the end.
There are tons of videos of shark attacks of animals on the surface and none of them look like that (that I've seen). Shark swims forward... bites... there would be thrashing, water churning, etc..

Most likely... he turned to swim towards the back of the boat where there was a ladder. He couldn't get there and a strong current pulled him off into the darkness before he could be rescued.
Finally, an objective explanation of an impulsive dare devil action by a young man turning tragic.

In addition to your impressions regarding shark attacks not occurring in a neat fashion, a documentary that I saw stated the following about shark attacks on humans:

Sharks are not used to humans as prey. As a result, they do not usually attack a human immediately. Rather, they will approach the human, then bump him or her one or more times with out biting. The bumps (smell) are used by the shark to:

A. Determine, well.... whether or not the unknown something tastes good (awful, but makes sense).

B. Determine whether or not the unknown something is capable of fighting back to the extent the shark could get hurt if it makes a full on attack. Predatory animals cant afford to get injured.

Like, you I strongly suspect that the poor victim was swept out by a current and drowned. There is a natural impulse to fight against currents that leads to the victim becoming exhausted and drowning. Likewise, he may of gotten disoriented and swam in the wrong direction.

I have swam in the ocean off an unlit beach following sunset. It was beautiful, especially with the phosphorecense. But.... once the sun sets completely, you can't exactly stand up to get a good view of where the beach is. Fortunately, I could see and hear the waves breaking on the beach. But.... if I had been further out?
Bumping previous note for those who may not have seen it.

ADMIN NOTE: The video being discussed has been removed as it is from an unknown source and there is no way this video should be on the internet unless it is released by LE or MSM. The OP and all responses have been removed. Please do not discuss it. Thank you.

We don't have any confirmation if or by whom the Tik Tok video has been examined or authenticated.

from: Cameron Robbins video with possible shark in water viewed 10m times

A video has begun circulating on social media that allegedly shows missing U.S. citizen 18-year-old Cameron Robbins attacked by a shark in the Bahamas.

The video, which has so far been viewed more than 10 million times on Twitter, is being scrutinized, with some indicating the video allegedly shows the exact moment Robbins is pulled underneath the water by a shark after jumping off a cruise ship near Nassau, Bahamas.
[...] While not confirmed by the United States Coast Guard press release, Royal Bahamas Defence Force Commodore Raymond King spoke to the media during the days of the search about the possibility of a shark attack.[...]

"I am quite familiar with that area, it is so unfortunate but I don't want the family to lose hope."

he had no life jacket, even a strong swimmer can drawn easily, its so sad.
You're absolutely at the mercy of the currents, and if the temps are colder than you expect, well ...

I'm quite dismayed with those who egged him on, as it looks like that's what happened ?
Just youthful foolishness with no malicious intent, but still !

Rest in eternal peace, Cameron !!

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