Bigamist Busted After Girlfriend's Sister Spots Him On 'Dr. Phil'

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    POSTED: 11:51 am PST December 13, 2005
    UPDATED: 12:02 pm PST December 13, 2005

    <!--startindex-->Linda Hembree was watching Monday's "Dr. Phil" program when she saw a familiar face.

    The segment she saw featured two women who found they were married to the same man at the same time. Police in Virginia were searching for the man, identified as Charles "Ed" Hicks.

    Hembree recognized Hicks as the man who's been dating her sister in Charlotte, N.C., for about eight months. Hembree called her sister and told her what she'd just seen. She said her sister didn't believe it until she turned on her television.

    Hembree said her sister had rejected a marriage proposal from Hicks, but expected the two to get married at some point.

    HicksÂ’ girlfriend said she has been dating Hicks for seven months now. She said he proposed to her two weeks ago, but she told him she was not ready for marriage.Police in Virginia said Hicks was still married to wife No. 5 when he married wife No. 6. more at link:<!--stopindex-->
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