Blood Drive for Victims of FT Hood Shooting!!

Discussion in 'Benjaman Kyle' started by believe09, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Supplies were vastly depleted during the events of last week. Locals are encouraged to donate any and all blood types-Texas A&M will be hosting a blood drive all of this week to benefit the hospital where several of the victims contiue to receive care.

    If you are not in the area and still wish to help, please contact your local chapter of the American Red Cross to find out where your nearest blood drive may be occurring!

    ***Don't forget to bring a picture ID and to eat a meal prior to donation.***
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    I also want to add that now is a good time to give blood locally.
    With the holidays here, more blood is needed.

    If you live near a childrens hospital, please consider calling to see if they have a blood center.

    There are lots of cancer patients that will need blood these next few months; blood is given by need. When my dad was going through it, there were days we waited hours before they were able to find blood.
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