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    Chelsea King: Murdered Teen's Brother Making Documentary to Help Change U.S. Laws

    The teenage brother of Chelsea King is making a documentary to honor his sister and inspire civic action, three years after she was raped and murdered while running in a California park.....

    ....Tyler recently sat down in front of the camera and told his story.

    "You get really lonely at home because you're used to having this constant in your life," he said in a clip of the film posted on the website of ABC News' San Diego affiliate KGTV.

    While Tyler will be behind the camera for most of the documentary, talking to children about grief and tragedy, his moment on screen was cathartic for him, Caulk said.

    "Some of the most powerful moments are when he's working through his thoughts and emotions on camera," Caulk said.

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    Thank you for this thread.

    What a beautiful tribute Tyler King has made for his darling sister Chelsea.

    Sometimes when tragedy rips at our souls - beauty escapes.

    Such a beautiful documentary - it will help others heal as well.

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