GUILTY CA - 3 found murdered after child calls 911, Fullerton, 24 Sept 2016


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May 21, 2012
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3 Adults Found Dead In Fullerton Home After Child Reports Her Parents 'died'

Three adults were found dead inside a Southern California home after a child called 911 to report her parents had "died," authorities said Saturday.

The child placed the call about 8:20 a.m. and officers were dispatched to a home in Fullerton, 26 miles (42 kilometers) southeast of Los Angeles. Inside, first responders discovered two men and a woman dead.

Two children were found unharmed, police said.
Ugh, these stories are sadly a regular occurrence anymore. Poor kids left behind.
Now police are trying to piece together what happened and are investigating the deaths as a possible triple homicide.

All of the bodies had obvious signs of trauma, Radus said, but he did not know yet what caused it.


Neighbor DT, 45, said she had known the family for about three years, and it had a husband, wife and three children, one 16 and the others 7 and 8 or 9.

(...) She added that some neighbors reported hearing gunshots Friday night.

(neighbor's name changed to initials by me, just for safety's sake)
Leanne Suter ‏@abc7leanne 4m4 minutes ago
17yr old Katlynn Goodwill Yost has been found & arrested for murder along w/2 other men in connection with 3x murder at her #fullerton home
Fullerton police have arrested three people, including a 17-year-old, in connection with a triple homicide at a residence from which a teenage girl was also reported missing and considered “at risk,” authorities said Sunday.

“The suspects and family are known to each other,” Sgt. Jon Radus told reporters at an afternoon news conference at the Fullerton police station. “This is not a random act of violence.”

Two suspects were identified as Josh Acosta, 21, of Fort Irwin, and Frank Felix, 25, of Sun Valley. The juvenile was not named because of the individual’s age.


The homicide victims were identified as Christopher Yost, 34; Jennifer Goodwill Yost, 39, who is the mother of Katlynn; and Arthur William Boucher, 28, a friend who occasionally stayed with the family.
I brought a few posts over from Katlynn's thread pertaining to the arrests and the presser that was held, but if anyone has a specific post that they would like copied over, please let me know and I'll be happy to oblige. :tyou:
Well, at least she didn't have her younger siblings killed. That's something, I guess.
i cant seem to find any info on acosta? anyone else have any luck?
Hey everyone. I saw a link to her old Facebook account in the other thread but she has one that is more recent under a different name. I think everyone knows that she is the one that was arrested but am I able to post the link to her account under a different name? Or did someone already post it? Or is it not allowed?

EDIT: Nevermind... someone already posted it in the other thread.
No updates?? I guess everyone is too blown away by how macabre this story is..........JMO
What a world we live in..............
Police on Monday released the official booking charges for three people arrested Sunday in connection with a triple homicide of a couple and their friend in a house here.

Joshua Acosta, 21, Frank Felix, 25, and an unnamed 17-year-old female were each booked on murder and conspiracy, said Fullerton Sgt. Jon Radus. At least the adults are expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

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