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CA CA - Arvin Nelson, 55, Big Sur, 8 August 2014

Discussion in '2010's Missing' started by Psychedelia, Aug 28, 2014.

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    Haven't seen a thread for this man yet. An experienced hiker and popular server in Big Sur, CA.


    The flier tells the story.

    And it's not the most comforting.

    "Missing hiker, last seen China Camp on 8/6/14."

    Arvin Nelson, a longtime server at Big Sur River Inn, has gone missing in the Los Padres wilderness, presumably while on an extended trek.

    Coworkers describe Nelson as is in his early to mid 50s, 6-foot-3, black and around 200-215 pounds.

    Citizen newsblogger Big Sur Kate has this report:

    "Those of you who know this sweet man…he may need your good intentions for his safe return.

    "He went on a backpacking trip alone, MAYBE to China Camp, Pine Ridge, to Sykes and was due back Thursday or Friday, but has not been seen, yet."



    A later article talks about the last people who may have seen him:

    The last people to see Nelson may have been Jack English, who lived for 13 years in an isolated cabin in the Ventana Wilderness, and his son Dennis. Stan Russell reports on the WildBigSur listserv:

    "Dennis and Jack had gone out to visit their cabin in Pine Valley on August 6. A couple hours after they arrived, Dennis was sitting inside the cabin playing guitar with his father, Jack English. He heard a voice outside asking to approach the cabin. It was Arvin, who had heard the guitar playing, and he came up and introduced himself. Dennis welcomed him in, befriended Arvin and they hung out and played music and hiked around Pine Valley for a couple days.

    "Dennis and Jack were picked up by helicopter on the 8th, leaving Pine Valley. Arvin saw them off. He told Dennis he was going to be staying through Saturday, the 9th and then hike the 11 miles to Sykes on Sunday morning, the 10th."

    Thornburg says the search went on for longer than usual because Nelson is an experienced hiker. “But at this point, since he hasn’t emerged and we haven’t been able to find him on the trail he planned on taking, the chances are dropping," he says. "It doesn’t look good.”
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    9 photos of the search effort last year at Pine Ridge for Arvin:

    Monterey County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue
    Pine Ridge Search

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