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>Elisa Lam was found dead in a water tank at the Cecil Hotel in L.A.

>Lam Elisa is the name of a Tuberculosis test

>A Tuberculosis outbreak is happening right now in Skid Row L.A.

Her death was some sort of sacrifice IMO. Welcome to Illuminatiwood.

ok, creepy. The last place she was seen shopping was The Last Bookstore. I know a creepy coincidence.
If she was partying in someone else's room it seems odd she would be dressed in basketball shorts.

where I'm at, its common. After all, its a hostel. U get comfy, ready to sleep anytime but just before that some newfound friends invite u over for a drink, card game or just sharing of experiences........

one would just go to the next room dressed just like that.
Do we know what kind of Chinese Elisa was? Could her hand gestures have been some traditional dance movements?

hahah I could never say with 100% certainty but with the internet and globalisation now plus its 2013,

no I'm pretty sure there aren't any dance movements like that.:rocker:
BBM. I assume you are talking about me since I am the only poster who stated I am 100% sure about anything (I said I was 100% sure she was suffering from psychosis in the video).

It's okay to quote me. BTW, I am not making a psychiatric diagnosis. It's a lay opinion based on my experience.

Yes but who says only one person noticed a woman signing at the top of her lungs? I live about 35 minutes by freeway from the area of the Cecil hotel. I go to court down the street from there, regularly. Do you know how many people run around that area screaming, fighting, yelling, acting bizarrely? I do. Tons.

Like I said before, most people would ignore it, go about their business, etc. Many would be afraid to look. You have mostly busy business people and attorneys, hard working Hispanics, a few hipsters and an absolute ton of homeless, most on drugs or mentally ill. This is not the suburb. It's five minutes from skid row.

That kind of thing happens daily, several times a day.

Out of the mouths of babes.

But she didn't have to know there was a water tank on the roof in order to decide to go in one once she got up there (if that's what happened).

Interesting. She seems to be very drawn to roof tops.

How can you guys read that? When I look, the print is light gray on a white background!!!

People kill themselves on vacation sometimes. In fact, many suicidal people leave specifically to go to a certain spot to die.

I can;t say that's what happened here at all but I rule nothing out yet. I also find it interesting that a young, culturally Chinese girl would travel internationally with no specific itinerary, alone, to Los Angeles. There may be more to this story. I can't imagine her family being okay with that at all.

Unless you are suffering a nervous breakdown or psychotic split or something.

So no clear signs of strangulation, or being stabbed or shot, right? Or would weeks in the water make it too hard to tell?

How can you read her posts? I don;t know how to navigate tumblr. Nothing I press does anything!

Me too!! So confusing!

Is the video gone?

There was mention of depression in the news, IIRC and then bi polar disorder on her tumblr, it appears. But schizophrenia has its onset at about the age Elisa was when she died. There is a lot of information about it but apparently the first psychotic break of a schizophrenic person is the most dangerous. Besides deciding to travel alone out of the country, I find it interesting that Elisa was not registered for the next semester of school. IMO, something was going on with her long before she got here.

Great questions.

I see nothing to suggest xenophobia, racism, misogynism or primitive understandings of mental healthcare present in the manner that LE is investigating or the reporting by the media.

I also find this a tad bit insulting. I have yet to see one mental health professional say it looks like Elisa was free from some sort of mental issue when in that elevator. And I think people who have witnessed a few psychotic episodes are justified in coming to the conclusion that that is what is happening to Elisa Lam, without being deemed xenophobic, racist, misogynistic or having a "primitive" understanding of mental health.

You are the multi quote champion.....amazing stuff !
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