CA - Dorothy Turley Bolton, 69, Mendocino County, 1 Jan 1983

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    White female, 5 feet 6, 130 pounds, white hair, blue eyes. When she disappeared on 1 January 1983, she was 69 years old. She was wearing her gold wedding ring, and had two dentures. Her upper was a full denture; her lower was partial.

    The Boltons retired at age 65 from LA on straitened income. They had been married for 36 years. He was a cabinet maker; she was a bookkeeper for 30 years. They settled in an isolated hilltop trailer home east of Elk CA on Greenwood Ridge Road. Dorothy had no car to get to town. To add to her depressing circumstances, she was in two car accidents in two years before she went missing, leaving her with residual injuries.

    On 1 January 1983, Dorothy and her husband were watching football on TV. He mentioned that he was going to spend $33.60 on a new license for their trailer. She was appalled by the cost, and did not see the necessity for tagging a trailer in such a remote spot. She walked out in jeans, sweatshirt, and sneakers; she left behind her wallet and money. When Dorothy's husband could not find his wife, he reported her missing.

    A two day search of the rough terrain around the trailer covered the area twice. Using a helicopter and search dogs, and with minimum security inmates from Parlin Fork Conservation Camp pitching in to augment the search party to 120 volunteers, no sign of Dorothy was found. There was no sign of foul play. Her husband said she had never run away before, and he did not believe she committed suicide.

    A $2,000 reward was offered for info concerning her location. Dorothy Turley Bolton was declared dead in June 1983.

    Dorothy Bolton's spouse passed away 6 July 1988.

    Ukiah Daily Journal, 23 January 1983:
    UDJ, 14 January 1983:;
    Porchlight International for theMissing and Unidentified webpage:
    National Missing Person Directory webpage: webpage:
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    Ukiah Daily Journal 14 Jan 1983 has an article with a picture of Dorothy:


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